RISE Volunteer Program

Resiliency and Inspiration for Success in Education (RISE) bird

Rise group

RISE is an EOP volunteer program where EOP students can support prospective students from underrepresented backgrounds in their path to education. Our RISE volunteers are able to participate in the following activities:

  • Alternative Campus Tours – Highlighting the transformations underrepresented students have made to the university and the safe spaces we have on campus for our diverse communities
  • Student Panels – Inspire prospective students by sharing your experience
  • Presentations about EOP
  • Freshman for a Day (an opportunity to connect with over 200 prospective students for a full day of being a freshman on campus which includes tours, panels and eating at The Garden)
  • Middle school visits
  • EOP Graduation (spring Semester)
  • EOP Student Advisory Board (ESAB)
  • Explore SDSU 2018 (spring semester)
  • Other Programs as needed

Benefits of being an EOP RISE Volunteer

  • Attend bimonthly lunch workshops with free meals and activities/presentations that support their leadership, cultural humility and professional development. 
  • Receive points for every activity you volunteer to assist with. These points can earn you prizes such as water bottles, t-shirts, graduation cords, and more. 
    • Point System:
      • Tabling: 2 points
      • Phone Banking: 2 points
      • Student Panel: 3 points
      • Co-Presentations: 3 points
      • Campus Tours: 5 points
    • Prizes:
      • Water Bottle: 10 points
      • RISE T-Shirt: 20 points
      • Graduation Cord: 60 points

**For every 5 points, you get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize during the RISE End of the Year Appreciation Luncheon in May.

How to become an EOP RISE Volunteer

In order to be a RISE volunteer, students must attend an info session to learn more about EOP and the EOP RISE Program. Once you have attended an information system and would like to move forward in the process, you will attend a training at the beginning of the academic year. Times and dates are to be determined (TBD) each year and will be updated via email notification.

Goals of the EOP RISE Volunteer Program

  • Goal #1 Increase access to higher education for underserved populations via student leadership
  • Goal #2 Develop leadership, cultural humility, and professionalism among EOP students
  • Goal #3 Build community and sense of belonging among underrepresented students with shared identities including but not limited to first generation, low-income, or student of color

Rise Group

RISE Training Group Picture, Fall 2018

Rise Group 2

Rise Group 3

RISE Student Panel for a middle school group, fall 2018