Our Mission

The Compact Scholars Program is the postsecondary component of the Compact for Success – a partnership between the Sweetwater Union High School District and San Diego State University. The program supports student success by connecting students to the rich resources of the San Diego State campus community. Compact Scholars actively engage in "high impact" educational experiences, most notably study abroad, service-learning, undergraduate research, and leadership development. The goal of the Compact Scholars Program is to deepen student engagement and to promote higher graduation rates for Sweetwater District students.


Program Description

The Compact Scholars Program (CSP), a program of the Center for Educational Partnerships, Outreach & Success in the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity, is the postsecondary component of the Compact for Success, an innovative partnership between the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) and San Diego State University (SDSU). Graduates from SUHSD who have satisfactorily met the Compact for Success requirements are admitted to SDSU as Compact Scholars. View past and current requirements.

Compact Scholars engage in high impact educational practices, including first-year seminars and pathways, student organizations/leadership, study abroad, learning communities, service learning, undergraduate research, creative activities and internships.

With the help of our program, participating Compact Scholars will smoothly transition into the university environment and will continue to gain professional skills and experiences that will help them thrive in their individual professional fields.

Program Services 

  • General Seminar for first-year students
  • Mentor Programming and Guidance
  • Student Success Workshops
  • Tutoring Services (at no cost to the student)
  • Academic Advising 
  • Community Space - The Cove, Student Services East Room 2109

Compact Team

di Diana Romero

Counselor, Compact Scholars 

Meet Diana Romero, our designated Counselor in EOP, Outreach and Success for our Compact Scholar students! For our first and second year students, Diana can help you develop an academic plan, and help guide you along your educational journey at SDSU. In addition, she assists with informing students on how to navigate university resources, procedures, and using academic advising tools. Be sure to schedule an appointment with Diana, through EAB Navigate.


Compact Mentors Highlighted


Carolina Machado

Joining the Compact Scholar Community has allowed me to feel more connected to campus and to meet amazing people who come from the same community as me. I started off as a mentee, during my first year here at SDSU, when all courses still needed to be taken online due to the pandemic. By joining the Compact Scholar Program, they gave me the opportunity to feel connected to campus, and I was provided with all the resources necessary to make my first and upcoming  years here at SDSU a successful one. 


Eugene Ruelos

As a first year, I felt confident in myself to learn and grow on my own in time as I got used to being a first-time college student. What the Compact Scholars Program gave me was an opportunity to exceed what I thought I knew and opened up opportunities for me to grow in ways I haven't considered. In the process, I've had the chance to connect with individuals from my community and network with people who are invested in my growth and success; I can confidently say that being a part of this community has shaped me in ways that will last long past my time here at SDSU.



Frequently asked quEstions (FAQ)

Am I a Compact Scholar? How do I find out if I am?

  • First, login to your ‘EAB navigate’. Find your success team, and if Diana Romero is listed, you are a Compact Scholar.

How often are meetings with my mentor?

  • You can meet with your mentor as frequently as you like. You can meet with your assigned mentor once a week, bi-weekly, or even once a month.

How can I schedule a meeting with my mentor?

  • To schedule a meeting, contact us at:
    Phone: 619-594-6298
    Office: Student Services East, 2109
    Email: [email protected]