How do I apply to EOP?

To be considered for EOP, applicants MUST submit three applications in order to determine the student’s eligibility. These applications are as follows:

  • Application for admission to San Diego State University via Cal State Apply between October 1st and November 30th.
  • Indicate your interest to apply to EOP on your CSU undergraduate application. Complete the EOP application by January 15th and have your letters of recommendation submitted by January 31st.
      1. EOP applications are only accepted from NEW Incoming Freshmen and Transfer students
      2. If you have previously been admitted to EOP, you DO NOT need to reapply for admission consideration into the program.
      3. EOP cannot accept students without a bonafide verification of their EOP status from the current or previous CSU campus attended, nor can we accept applications that miss the posted deadline.

Application for Admission to San Diego State University

Apply for SDSU admission electronically on the Cal State Apply website at If you cannot apply online, you should contact the Office of Admissions at (619) 594-6336 to make special arrangements to apply electronically with campus assistance. On the CSU Undergraduate application for admission, indicate that you are interested in EOP by selecting “YES.”

**There is a $70 CSU application fee per CSU campus you apply to, or you may qualify for a Fee Waiver. On your admission application, you can indicate that you are interested in being considered for the fee waiver, and you will receive an automatic response if you qualify. The fee waiver is found at the end of the application. 

Please noteIf you qualify for the online fee waiver, you can apply to four (4) CSU campuses.  If you apply to more than four (4) CSU campuses, you will be responsible for paying the additional CSU application fees.

For more information regarding SDSU Admissions, please visit their website or contact them at [email protected] or (619) 594-6336, Monday through Friday, 9-4 pm. 

Application for EOP

In addition to applying for admission to San Diego State University, students interested in EOP must indicate their interest on the Cal State Apply (CSA) application and complete the entire EOP application for consideration. The EOP application is located in the third tile, Supporting Information, section. The EOP application is broken into four sections which consist of the following: 

  • Applicant Information Form - You will need to answer questions regarding your interest in EOP, family education background questions and previous academic support programs you have previously participated in.

Please note: Your responses to these questions will not have a negative impact on your application to EOP, and you did not have to previously participate in one of these programs to be eligible for EOP.

  • EOP Parent/Guardian Information & Financial Status - This section will include questions regarding your parent/guardian’s occupation, education and income estimates.

Please note: You will also have the opportunity to indicate if you are independent of parental support.

  • EOP Biographical Questions - This is where you will have the opportunity to provide more light on your background regarding questions on your economic background, why you are pursuing a college degree, your academics, and any volunteer and extracurricular activities you are involved with. You also have the chance to provide any additional information you would like for us to consider regarding your background and eligibility to EOP.
  • EOP Recommendations - Be ready to have the email addresses of the two people you would like to provide letters of recommendation on your behalf. Once you enter their information, this will send them an email containing a link to the recommendation form. The recommender will need to create a profile in order to access your questionnaire and will need to submit this information online.

Please Note: The recommenders should not be friends or family members but individuals familiar with the applicant’s academic potential and economic background, i.e. teacher, counselor, advisor, coach etc. Be sure to give your recommender a sufficient amount of time to submit the information, but be sure to note the deadline is January 31st.

Application for Financial Aid

 **For admission into SDSU’s Educational Opportunity Program, your financial aid application must be submitted by January 5th in order for us to determine your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) for program eligibility.

 The following offices offer their support during this process:

Need Help Applying?

Check out our video tutorial:

A member of our Outreach team would be happy to help you with any questions you may have about your EOP application. Please email [email protected] with your name, high school or community college, what you need help with, and a few times that would work for you. 

We will reply with the answer to your question or a virtual meeting time to support you.