Undocumented Resource CENTER

Our logo has several elements, all key and representative of the undocumented experience.

The three lines at the base represent transformation of the monarch as it starts small, growing and forming its wings. The green and blue tail of the “butterfly” to indicate youth/youthfulness, and the large wings to represent grown/maturity, family and community. As a whole, the feeling of togetherness is apparent in these shapes.

The red stylized wing/heart shape begins the trio of shapes as they increase in size. Each piece stems from the same center and point in the same direction, representing origins and heritage. The red represents the struggles and pain, but is resilience allows it to form into its final colors of black and orange.

Further, the color display from left to right may be representative of the land (green), then the sky (blue) then this beautiful burst of color — to include red and black which speaks to our SDSU connection and the importance of community connection with orange (which can be associated with sunshine, freedom and success).

By extension, the shapes and multi colors may be interpreted to mean a gathering of people from different cultures, backgrounds, ages and points in their overall development and success. 

We also see the shapes standing next to each other, which implies a sense of community, and coming together -where there is strength and unity. As we see the wing shape even appears to take flight moving forward -which implies resiliency, growth and movement - specifically forward movement with such a slight tilt toward the right.

This piece also is left intentionally open and free-standing form to convey migration, freedom, flight and future.

Finally, the logo is on top of San Diego State University Undocumented Resource Area signifying the strength our undocumented community has as it sits on knowledge and raises from there.


The Undocumented Resource Area at San Diego State University (SDSU) is open to all undocumented students (including those with mixed-status families), faculty/staff and allies as well as the community at large. We strongly advocate for creating a sense of community.

The Undocumented Resource Area (URA) services are developed to improve persistence and graduation as well as offer a safe space where students can connect with one another and their allies.

Services provided:

Statement of Purpose

The Undocumented Resource Area (URA) at San Diego State University (SDSU) is designed to provide undocumented students guidance, support in navigating the campus and local community resources to support their well-being, enhance their educational achievement and timely progress toward a university degree.


Legal Services

  • Immigration Legal Consultation
  • DACA Renewals
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Naturalizations
  • Know Your Rights Training
  • Emergency Planning & Safety Preparedness
  • And more...make your appointment today

Support of our Undocumented Students

Newsworthy Information

RESOURCES for Undocumented Students

CSU LogoIn an effort to provide additional resources for students and campuses, the Chancellor’s Office has relaunched a website on Resources for Undocumented Students. The information includes admission process, financial aid, campus support, legal support services, overview of AB540/2000 and the California Dream Act, systemwide communications, and other resources that include organizations such as the ACLU, National Immigration Law Center, Immigrant Legal Resource Center and federal government agencies.