Office of the Vice President

Student Financial Resources

The Student Financial Resources area is dedicated to supporting the financial needs of our students. The envisioned Student Financial Management Center will focus on providing financial case management and counseling to students, parents, families and others proactively and successfully address the financial needs of a diverse student body and facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (OFAS) and Student Account Services (SAS). The center will provide exceptional customer service by serving a single point of contact to analyze and resolve questions about financial aid, financial transactions, academic progress, and transactional-based issues




Rose Pasenelli
Associate Vice President of Student Financial Resources

photo of roseRose has dedicated her career to SDSU, the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships (OFAS) and most importantly the students she serves. Rose started her SDSU journey in the mid-eighties as an entry level financial aid counselor and recently celebrated her 31st anniversary at SDSU. In her rise to Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Rose has strived from day one, to make a difference in student’s lives and ensure her efforts contributed to the students’ well-being, while still complying with the goals of the university and OFAS. The energy, focus, innovation and vision Rose brings to every task she is assigned or volunteers for, is performed with her personal mission in mind of making every action benefit the student.