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The Center for Inclusive Excellence elevates, celebrates and supports the diverse faculty and staff of San Diego State through professional learning, community building, advocacy, policy recommendations and organizational structures. We aim to foster an affirming campus culture based on the core values of excellence, equity, diversity, belonging and inclusion through:
  • Recruitment of faculty and staff who are reflective of the diverse students and communities served by SDSU;
  • Fostering an environment of inclusion for faculty and staff from underrepresented groups;
  • Enhancing the career pathways of faculty and staff from underrepresented groups; and
  • Cultivating relationships with the local community that advance the well-being of diverse individuals and communities.

CIE Open Office Hours (virtual):
Mondays 1pm-2:30pm,
and Thursdays 3pm-4:30pm
(on Zoom, must be logged into your SDSU account) 

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The CIE hosts open Office Hours each week. In Spring 2022, those will be virtual, on Mondays 1pm-2:30pm,
and Thursdays 3pm-4:30pm. Feel free to drop into the Zoom (must be logged into your SDSU account), no appointment needed! 

Equity, Implicit Bias, and Microaggressions
Implicit biases refer to attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding and decisions outside of our conscious control. Implicit biases may manifest in microaggressions, which are subtle but generally offensive comments or actions directed at minoritized individuals. Implicit biases and microaggressions create inequities and contribute to an uncomfortable learning or working environment. This workshop introduces these concepts to faculty and staff to increase their understanding of inequities on campus, and it serves as a prerequisite for many other programs. It is offered as an online self-paced workshop on Canvas. You can enroll at any point during the semester. It should take approximately 1.5-2 hours (90-120 min) to complete; however, in order to ensure we can respond to submissions in a timely manner, we ask that you complete all modules within two weeks of enrolling. This workshop is for Faculty and Staff at SDSU. At this point, we are not able to offer this workshop to other members of the SDSU community including graduate or undergraduate students. If you are an SDSU faculty or staff and are ready to start the workshop, please register here

* NOTE: This is the training that satisfies the requirement many departments have for search committees. Faculty who have already completed this workshop can also satisfy the requirement with one of the workshops on Equity-Minded Hiring (see this flowchart)

CIE logo

The CIE logo is based on a symbol used throughout Mesoamerica by the Nahua, Mixtec, and other Indigenous people to indicate "noble speech". It is used in the codices to refer to a teacher/scribe/poet who is conveying knowledge. It is surrounded by a square signifying the mortarboard often associated with academic scholars.