Student Engagement

The CIE also offers student engagement opportunities that provide: 

  • Student facing foundational inclusion trainings such as Implicit Bias & Microaggression Awareness that echo CIE and Professor of Equity curriculum and creates a shared campus understanding of inclusivity
  • A year long foundational social justice certification program called: Identity & Allyship Awareness Certificate
  • Partnerships with campus organizations and departments that integrate and center equity in both curricular and co-curricular events
  • Consultation on ally trainings, USEMs, and student facilitation development
  • Relationship building, support, and training for student organizations

For more information about specific programs and partnerships, please explore the drop downs below or email the contact information below.

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Jessica Chang

Diversity Officer for Student Engagement


Directory Filler

2018-2019 Identity & Allyship Awareness Certificate graduates in partnership with Residential Education Office

Our 2021-2022 CIE student & staff team (right to left) Diversity Peer Educators: Lauren Jacobs (she/her), Darren Wilson (he/him), Nancy Bahena (she/her), and Diversity Officer, Jessica Chang (she/her)


  • The Identity & Allyship Awareness Certificate is a year-long, foundational social justice consciousness program facilitated through the Center for Inclusive Excellence in partnership with One SDSU. There will also be opportunities to connect with the Cultural Centers on campus. Students learn about the foundations of inclusion such as implicit bias, microaggressions, identity, privilege, and inclusive communication. Then, throughout the year, participate in a variety of learning formats to critically examine one's own beliefs regarding their personal identities and privileges while understanding how they can play a role in active, lifelong allyship and humility.
  • Click here for more about the Identity & Allyship Awareness Certificate
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  • Currently, we have a small team of Diversity Peer Educators who build inclusive curriculum, outreach and partner with students across campus, and facilitate Intro to Inclusion workshops. We typically recruit each spring semester for the following academic year. 
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    Darren Wilson

    Diversity Peer Educator
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    Lauren Jacobs

    Diversity Peer Educator
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    Nancy Bahena

    Diversity Peer Educator
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  • Every semester, we offer an introduction into implicit biases and microaggressions workshop as part of our commitment to foster an inclusive, anti-racist campus community.

  • Implicit biases and microaggressions create inequities and contribute to an uncomfortable learning or working environment. This workshop, developed by the CIE team, introduces these concepts through a student-lens to increase their understanding of inequities on campus, and it serves as a prerequisite for many other programs such as the Identity & Allyship Awareness Certification Program.

  • This is an hour and a half long interactive workshop. Please check back in May for our summer offerings.
  • To promote student curricular and co-curricular summer experiences, the College of Arts and Letters and the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity will facilitate a series of activities during Summer 2021. These experiences include courses that satisfy the Ethnic Studies General Education requirement, the Cultural Diversity requirement, and other related courses with a strong social justice focus. These course offerings will be promoted in conjunction with co-curricular activities hosted by the Center for Inclusive Excellence and SDSU’s Cultural Centers.
  • We encourage you to register for summer session courses! In summer 2021, opportunities to be involved with social justice learning and practice are available. You can fulfil your Ethnic Studies or Cultural Diversity requirement, while participating in training that will provide you with more tools to advocate for equity and justice. 
  • Coursework:
  • Classes that satisfy the Ethnic Studies Requirement (X) and/or Area F (new GE category for next year)
  • AFRAS 170a: Afro-American History (GE Foundations Area F, American Institutions, and Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement)
  • AFRAS 421: Black Urban Experience
  • AMIND 140: US Hist AMIND Perspec 1(GE Foundations Area F, American Institutions, and Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement)
  • AMIND 141: US Hist AMIND Perspec 2 (GE Foundations Area F, American Institutions, and Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement)
  • AMIND 440: American Indian History (GE Exploration  Humanities, Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement)
  • ASIAN 101: Asian Thought & Cultures (GE Foundations C2 Humanities)
  • Other classes with significant social justice content:
  • PHIL 101: Intro Philosophy Ethics (GE Foundations Humanities)
  • PHIL 330: Biomedical Ethics (GE Explorations Humanities)
  • SOC 412: Soc Construction Reality
  • SUSTN 353: Sustainability and Culture (GE Explorations Social and Behavioral Sciences, Cultural Diversity)
  • WMNST 325: Psychology of Women (GE Explorations Social and Behavioral, Cultural Diversity)
  • WMNST 341b: Women in American History (GE Explorations Social and Behavioral, American Institutions)
  • WMNST 355: Feminist Approaches Pop Culture (GE Explorations Humanities)
  • WMNST 360: Wmns Sexuality and Body (GE Explorations Humanities, Cultural Diversity)
  • WMNST 382: Gender, Science and Tech (GE Explorations Natural Sciences, Cultural Diversity)
  • Applied Learning:
  • In addition to the curricular social justice opportunities offered over the summer, the Center for Inclusive Excellence and SDSU’s Cultural Centers will offer the following co-curricular opportunities:
    • Implicit Bias Training
    • Identity & Allyship Awareness Certificate (IAAC)
    • Brave Project (ally seminar for survivors of sexual violence)
    • SafeZones (ally seminar for LGBTQIA students)
    • Undocually (ally seminar for undocuemented students and students from mixed status families)
    • Better Together! (ally seminar for APIDA community)
    • Decolonize your college experience (Native Resource Center) 
  • Allyship Seminars
  • Residential Education Office
  • One SDSU
  • Center for Intercultural Relations
  • Cultural Centers
  • AAPIphany
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Student Life & Leadership
  • Career Services
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life
  • Recognized Student Organization: Inclusive Leadership Awareness Training (ILAT, formerly SOCIA) 
  • We are in the process of adding, building, and developing diversity education topics, if you have ideas or suggestions, please submit them here. Some examples include: intersectionality 101, cultural capital connections.
  • We will hopefully expand opportunities for student interns as we continue to grow.