Student Engagement

The CIE also offers student engagement opportunities that provide: 

  • Student facing foundational inclusion trainings such as Implicit Bias & Microaggression Awareness that echo CIE and Professor of Equity curriculum and creates a shared campus understanding of inclusivity
  • A year long foundational social justice certification program called: Identity & Allyship Awareness Certificate
  • Partnerships with campus organizations and departments that integrate and center equity in both curricular and co-curricular events
  • Consultation on ally trainings, USEMs, and student facilitation development

For more information about specific programs and partnerships, please explore the drop downs below or email the contact information below.

jchang headshot

Jessica Chang

Diversity Officer for Student Engagement
Directory Filler

2018-2019 Identity & Allyship Awareness Certificate graduates in partnership with Residential Education Office

  • The Identity & Allyship Awareness Certificate is a year-long, foundational social justice consciousness program facilitated through the Center for Inclusive Excellence in partnership with One SDSU. There will also be opportunities to connect with the Cultural Centers on campus. Students learn about the foundations of inclusion such as implicit bias, microaggressions, identity, privilege, and inclusive communication. Then, throughout the year, participate in a variety of learning formats to critically examine one's own beliefs regarding their personal identities and privileges while understanding how they can play a role in active, lifelong allyship and humility.
  • Click here for more about the Identity & Allyship Awareness Certificate
  • Please check back for the Spring 2021 Introduction to Inclusion: Implicit Bias & Microaggressions workshop schedule and registration
  • If you would like to request training for a student organization or individual department, please email .
  • REO
  • One SDSU
  • CIR
  • Identity Centers
  • AAPIphany
  • CPS
  • SLL
  • Career Services
  • We are in the process of adding, building, and developing diversity education topics, if you have ideas or suggestions, please submit them here. Some examples include: intersectionality 101, cultural capital connections.
  • We will hopefully expand opportunities for student interns as we continue to grow.