SDSU Black Faculty & Staff Association

Dear SDSU Community,

In light of the recent painful events happening in our country and in our communities, we, the SDSU Black Faculty & Staff Association are in solidarity in expressing our condemnation of all acts of racism and reaffirming our support for all of our colleagues and students, especially our Black faculty, staff, and students. We are with you all. We hear you. We see you. You matter.  We are committed as an organization to addressing individual and systemic racism, as well as anti-Blackness as we see or hear of it.  

We understand that this time has been painful and difficult for so many of us. It is understandable that we might struggle in the context of this anguish. Please take your time. We are committed to being here for one another. The SDSU ERG program is poised to do what we aspired to in its inception: to build inclusive communities in support of one another to strive for equity and justice at SDSU, and to foster the collective safety and well-being of all our communities.

We understand that sustained commitments to fight racism, anti-blackness, and injustice are needed and dynamic. As such we are committed to action now, and into the long-term. We are encouraging our members to root out anti-black racism from our communities and workplaces, examine these suggestions and to discuss implicit bias and intersectionality at work, in our communities, and in our daily lives. We invite all members of the SDSU community to join us in these vital conversations.


The Black Faculty & Staff Association provides Black employees the opportunity to connect, share experiences and expertise, and promote professional development. Through programs and events, BFSA strives to promote cultural awareness in support of the University’s diversity efforts. The mission of this organization is to be a visible and viable agency dedicated to promoting and enhancing identity, sense of community, professional welfare and development among Black faculty, staff and students of San Diego State University.  


1. Serve as a unified and collective voice to represent the concerns of the Black community at San Diego State University, to the executive offices of the university;
2. Foster collaboration, communication, and engagement within the SDSU Black community, and with those in the broader SDSU community;
3. Advocate for the employment of a more representative number of Black faculty and staff (in particular senior staff and senior administrators) at San Diego State University;
4. Promote professional excellence, scholarship and cooperative research among Black faculty, staff and students;
5. Provide resources and support to increase the utilization and realization of upward mobility opportunities for the Black SDSU community;
6. Urge SDSU to provide equal educational and career opportunities for professional growth for all members of the Black community;
7. Provide both leadership and supportive service on the administrative and academic levels to facilitate the delivery of efficient and effective service to all elements of SDSU;
8. Provide social and educational opportunities to heighten cultural awareness, stimulate a sense of social responsibility, and improve outcomes within our broader university community.
9. Encourage all members to take an active role in the organization by volunteering for committee work, community involvement, and sharing of expertise.

Contact Us:

Black Faculty & Staff Association - 
President: Chris Turntine 
Membership Coordinator: Raquel Herriott  
Communications Director: Akyia Westley  [email protected]