Men of Color Alliance ERG

Mission Statement

The Men of Color Alliance (MoCA) is a community that fosters a sense of belonging and growth intended to result in positive outcomes and experiences for the men of color at San Diego State University. MoCA works toward the establishment of an environment that maintains a supportive network that progressively
increases campus awareness and the advocacy of issues dealing with diversity and equity. The alliance actively promotes advancements in strengthening community, decreasing discrimenation, increasing the feeling of empowerment, instilling the confidence to self-advocate, occupational retention rates, job
satisfaction and professional development and growth for the men of color faculty, staff, and students at San Diego State University.

Goals and Objectives

To provide a space where men of color and allies can develop, maintain, and actively strengthen a sense of community and belonging at San Diego State University.

  • Explore the social constructs of gender and masculinity.
  • Act as a platform for the alliance to openly address and discuss issues with diversity and equity as it applies to Men of Color.
  • Motivate members of the alliance to take an active role in development and maintenance of a progressive vision and goals.
  • Nurture academic excellence, professional and personal development, and community of the Men of Color student population at San Diego State University.
  • Provide educational, cultural, and social programming activities to the greater San Diego State University community to bring awareness and promote advocacy regarding issues with diversity and equity as it applies to Men of Color.
  • Support and promote professional development and the advancement goals of Men of Color.


Chair: Adam C. Adams
Vice Chair: Chistopher Medellin
Secretary: Henry Villegas

Meeting Times

Men of Color Alliance (MoCA) Weekly Meeting
Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Contact Info

Men of Color Alliance (MoCA) -
Adam C. Adams, Interim Chair -
Christopher Medellin, Interim Vice Chair -