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The Undocumented Resource Center (URC) at San Diego State University was created in 2020 through the efforts of Education Without Borders (EWB), students, staff, faculty, and alumni. The URC aims to offer a safe space where undocumented students (including mixed-status families), faculty, staff, and allies can build community. In addition, the URC facilitates campus-wide education and awareness about the challenges undocuemented students may face due to their legal status. 

The programs and services we provide focus on retention, graduation, community building, and the overall well-being of the students. These services include academic and career advising, legal services, assistance with DACA renewals, immigration legal consultation, mental health workshops, guidance and support in navigating campus and community resources, and much more. Many of these resources are available to students, faculty, staff, and immediate family members as well. 

The URC also provides various leadership and mentoring opportunities. For more information about what we offer, please click on the Programs and Services tab to the left. 

Mission and Values 

Our mission at the Undocumented Resource Center is to create a safe space for undocumented, DACA recipients, students with mixed-status families, and allies. The URC is a place where students can build community with others who understand the perspective of being undocumented. Some of our values include justice, courage, responsibility, compassion, and knowledge.

Have questions about CADAA or FAFSA? 

Do you need assistance to file out the NEW FAFSA or CA DREAM Act Applications for Financial Aid? Please register using the link below to attend FREE online webinars! Various dates and times, so that if needed our guardians can attend too!

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