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Impact of Philanthropic Support

At San Diego State University, the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity’s offerings are designed to promote student development and enhance our university community with access to programs, services and initiatives that facilitate and foster academic success.

SDSU recognizes that supporting the quality and diversity of the student experience is crucial to the university’s unique brilliance.

With support from donors like you, the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity will strengthen existing programs and launch new initiatives to expand opportunities for all students while advancing diversity.


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Access, Meaningful Connections, and a
World-Class Education

Your support ensures that every student can participate in experiential learning endeavors to challenge assumptions and push beyond boundaries.

It is our mission to provide students with an enriching co-curricular experience inside and outside of the classroom, while advancing our commitment to student diversity, enhancement of academic perspectives, and full inclusion and belonging for all.

By sharing new cultural experiences, our hope is to inspire students to break down barriers. We involve students in career-readiness early so they can emerge as dynamic and global leaders of tomorrow.

The Vision

With philanthropic support, the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity advances our commitment to diversity while providing students with co curricular learning opportunities and resources with measurable impact. These efforts will enable all of our students to contribute to the dynamic vitality of SDSU and transform the world



Consider a gift of any amount to impact the SDSU student experience through scholarship, program support, or more:

Community and Belonging
Access and Community Standards

Faculty and Staff Diversity

  • Elevate, celebrate and support the diverse faculty and staff of San Diego State through professional learning, community building, advocacy, policy recommendations and organizational structures.

Health, Well-Being & Accessibility

    • Emergency Crisis Response Team (ECRT)
      The Emergency Crisis Response Team provides emergency support to SDSU students who have basic unmet needs prohibiting them the opportunity to continue their academic journey towards achieving their degree. Donations to the fund will be allocated by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to assist with such necessities as relocating students, housing expenses, food, household goods, clothing, books, and technology solutions for remote learning.
    • Counseling & Psychological Services
    • Student Ability & Success Center
Campus Life
Campus and Community Partnerships

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Providing programs, services, and initiatives for SDSU students.

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Meet the Team

Our team’s role is to strengthen relationships for parents, alumni, and community members through meaningful opportunities to connect with SDSU, and build private support that will enhance the co-curricular experience for our aspiring students for years to come.” - Jen Stanley, Director of Development

 There is deep admiration for the culture of philanthropy which is made up of generous parents, alumni and friends who have added value to the greater good. Meaningful giving that has amplified the student experience is a vital part of that culture, enriching the lives of SDSU scholars by helping them achieve their greatest potential. There are several ways to provide philanthropic support at SDSU:


  • Providing support for an existing SDSU Program, Initiative, College or Academic Major
  • Establish a named scholarship fund (Minimum gift of $25K, can be paid over multi-year pledge)
  • Establish a named, endowed scholarship or program (Minimum gift of $50K, can be paid over multi-year pledge)
  • Opportunities to establish any of the above in honor/memoriam of your family or loved one(s)

Establishing a Fund:

Scholarships and Program Funds may be established or supported by outright gift, five-year pledge, transfer of stock, or a planned gift ($50,000 or more through your estate).

Endowing a Fund:

When you consider endowing a scholarship or program fund, the endowment donations are invested. A portion of the annual income from the investment (approximately 4%) is used to address immediate needs at SDSU. The remaining funds are reinvested to ensure indefinite support and help you to positively impact the program or scholarship in perpetuity. 

Establishing a Planned Gift

For information on bequests or to discuss the different options for including SDSU in your will or estate plans, please visit our website.


For more information on ways to support SDSU, please contact:

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Jen Stanley 
Director of Development Student Affairs, Campus Diversity & Parent Philanthropy

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Rajah Gainey
Associate Director of Development Housing


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Michelle Castillo
Development Coordinator