Information for Families

Involvement in the Greek community at SDSU

As a SDSU student, there are many opportunities to get involved, contribute to the campus community, and grow as an individual!

Pursuing membership in a fraternity/sorority is a significant step in a students’ journey. Many students who seek to build a sense of community within the larger University feel less overwhelmed, enjoy their college experience more, and reap additional benefits upon graduation which they attribute to their membership in their fraternity/sorority.

As a family member, there are oftentimes many questions concerning membership in a fraternity/sorority. The Fraternity & Sorority Life staff in Student Life & Leadership are available to guide students along the way and together we can make a positive difference in their experience!

Ways You Can Help Your Student

  • Encourage your student to attend as many campus events as possible, especially during the first few weeks of school. The best way to meet active fraternity and sorority members is to get out there!
  • Inspire you student to get involved in other student organizations or areas of interest as this is often looked at favorably during the membership selection process.
  • Support your student throughout the process of recruitment/intake and new member education. Ask questions to learn as much as you can about fraternity/sorority life.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Understand fraternity/sorority membership is not for everyone and just because others enjoy their fraternity/sorority experience doesn't mean it is the right choice for your student.
  • Realize fraternity/sorority chapters are different on every campus in terms of size, reputation, and achievement!
  • Remind your student to choose the group that feels most comfortable or natural.
  • Discuss the financial obligations of fraternity/sorority membership with your student beforehand. Determine who will pay for what and where the limits are.
  • Know fraternity/sorority recruitment is a mutual selection process. Not everyone who wants to join a fraternity/sorority will receive a bid. Prospective new members should ensure they understand the recruitment/intake process and the reality of possible outcomes.
  • Empower your student to "fight their own battles". In order for students to grow in maturity and gain assertiveness, it’s important that they feel empowered to ask questions and voice their concerns. There are several staff members and student leaders willing and able to work directly with your student to help resolve issues, if they should arise.

College Panhellenic Association Formal Recruitment Process

College Panhellenic Association's recruitment process is highly structured for participants. For questions regarding this council's recruitment process, please reach out to the Pierce Greek Life Center Advisory Team by emailing [email protected].