Leadership Certificate

SDSU students: Are you interested in deepening your knowledge on the topic of leadership, as well as gaining practical skills to help you become a more effective leader in college and after you graduate?

In the Leadership Certificate program, you will select from an array of leadership experiences: seminars, off-campus retreats, conferences, peer educator training workshops, service projects, student clubs and organizations, living-learning communities, and unique campus initiatives, all thoughtfully designed to help you foster your leadership development.

The Leadership Certificate program is open to any SDSU student at any class level and is self-paced. On average, students complete the program in 18-24 months.

Participation in these activities will be tracked by the Glazer Center of Leadership & Service and eventually will be documented on the SDSU Co-Curricular Transcript.

There are 6 components to the Leadership Certificate:

1. Leadership Learning: through participation in seven (7) workshops (schedule below), you will begin to develop your own personal model of leadership awareness through awareness of values, distinguishing your own personality style/traits and those of others, exploring conflict styles, and comparing and contrasting various leadership models

Action step: Participate in seven (7) workshops, consisting of five (5) required, and two (2) self-selected, from the options listed below. You must RSVP for any given workshop at least 24 hours in advance. There must be at least 5 participants that RSVP in order for a workshop to be held. We can only accommodate a maximum of 25 students due to seating capacity.

  • Five (5) Required workshops:
    • Introduction to Leadership Theory
    • Leadership Values
    • True Colors: Personality & Communication Styles
    • Conflict Styles
    • Attend a ONE SDSU Community event
  • Two (2) Self-Selected workshops:
    • Glazer Center for Leadership & Service offerings (vary by semester):
      • A workshop in the Leadership Lesson Series
      • Leadership Etiquette
      • Relational Leadership
      • Time Management
      • Inclusive Leadership Awareness Training (ILAT). Must attend both Part 1 and Part 2. This series counts as one workshop.
    • Other on-campus leadership related workshops (i.e., Residential Education, Peer Health Educators)
      • Must be approved by Leadership Certificate Advisor in the Glazer Center for Leadership & Service prior to attending other campus workshops.

2. Experiential Leadership: through participation in experiential type programs (retreats, conferences, community events, mentoring), you may increase your interpersonal efficacy through building relationships and networks; increase self-awareness through the exploration of strengths, values, beliefs, culture and identity; increase knowledge, skill and competencies from interactive experiences; and foster an appreciation of cultural diversity, and intercultural and cross-cultural understanding.

Action step: Participate in two (2) of the following:

  • Pending availability on committee, participate in the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade as a volunteer with the University Planning Committee (meeting, event attendance, leadership role as a volunteer)
    • Documented proof of participation must be turned in to Student Life & Leadership within two weeks after the parade.

3. Leadership Service: through participation in off-campus service to the local San Diego community, you will demonstrate civic responsibility, and have the opportunity to build and develop professional working relationships.

Action step: Participate in ten (10) hours of community service

Documented proof of service to be submitted online . Please refer to the community service guidelines.

4. Leadership Role: through current participation in an on-campus leadership role, you have the opportunity to experience impactful communication (within and beyond the team, active listening, effective speaking, written communication) and shared leadership (influencing and motivating others, fostering teamwork, building trust, understanding and managing change).

Action step: Participate in a current leadership role on campus for a minimum of twenty (20) hours where major responsibilities are leadership related and allow for personal growth. This may be a formal position within a student organization/group, or a different role where you are expected to set and accomplish goals, lead others, or have a significant impact and foster positive social change on other students, the organization, the campus, and/or the community.

  • Before beginning the leadership role: Send us ([email protected]) a detailed description of the position and 3 personal leadership goals that you hope to accomplish through your leadership role
  • After completing the leadership role: Your leadership role faculty/staff advisor must turn in a Letter of Verification to us ([email protected]). This can be done via email or intercampus mail (MC: 7440)

5. Leadership & Mentoring: through participation in the Aztec Mentor Program (AMP) you will gain valuable guidance on a variety of career-related topics including one-on-one advice, networking, interviewing and job shadowing. The program pairs SDSU juniors, seniors and graduate students in one-on-one mentorships with established alumni/professionals in San Diego and beyond. This program requires an 8- to 12-hour time commitment by students over the course of one semester.

6. Critical Thinking/Reflection-Capstone: Reflection Paper or Video

After completing all the specified requirements of the certificate, you will be asked produce a “Capstone Reflection Paper or Video/"

The paper or video is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your leadership-related skills, competencies, knowledge, and experiences in a personalized fashion. It should contain evidence and examples of your participation in the Leadership Certificate program. It should discuss your leadership strengths, areas of growth during the program, and future plans for continual development. The paper/video serves as a final, summative performance assessment as well as a tool of self-assessment.

Are you looking to complete the Leadership Certificate this academic year?

To request the capstone prompt, email us ([email protected]).

We formally award the Leadership Certificates once a year in the Spring. However, for students graduating in mid-year, we will grant their certificate at that time.

Feedback from SDSU Leadership Certificate participants:

As a result of the Leadership Certificate program:

  • 100% of certificate recipients from Spring 2018 reported that their understanding of their leadership style improved.
  • 100% of certificate recipients from Spring 2018 reported that they were satisfied with the Leadership Certificate program.
  • 100% of certificate recipients from Spring 2018 reported that the Leadership Certificate program was worth the time they invested in it.
  • 100% of certificate recipients from Spring 2018 reported that their ability to mediate conflict improved.

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