SDSU Leadership Minor


What major do I need to have to declare the Leadership Minor?

The Leadership Minor is open to students from all majors. Every discipline and industry needs strong, global leaders. Our classes are filled with majors from across the university. The Leadership Minor prepares you for success in combination with any field of study.

Do I need to be a leader to declare the minor?

Everyone leads, they just may not yet be aware of that. As such, no formal leadership experience is necessary to declare the minor. The Leadership Minor is designed to include high impact experiences that offer you real leadership opportunities. You’ll have opportunities to lead on campus, through service learning opportunities, and through the experience of an internship of your choice.

What courses can I take as electives?

Students may choose from the list of vetted electives or propose their own. Here is the current list of vetted electives, though we will be consistently updating this list with other relevant courses. We want to underscore that you should only take courses without prerequisites to avoid adding non-essential courses to your schedule. These are the approved electives:

COMM 307 Communication in Professional Settings
COMM 371 Intercultural Communication
COMM 485 Communicating Leadership (prerequisites will be waived with DAR)
COMM 492 Persuasion (prerequisites will be waived with DAR)
PHIL 0329 Social Ethics
PHIL 0332 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 0340 Morality of War and Peace
POL S 0375 International Relations: Theory and Practice
P A 0330 Public Personnel Administration
P A 0340 Administrative Behavior
P A 0480 Leadership and Public Sector

How long will it take to complete the Leadership Minor?

It depends on your major course requirements. The Leadership Minor requires the completion of just 15 units. Typically, the minor can be completed in four semesters.

What if I’ve taken other courses that I believe should count as my electives for the Leadership Minor?

The university will not allow “double dipping” where a course can satisfy both a major and minor requirement. However, if you have taken a course/or wish to take one that is NOT on the approved list, and you believe that it should count toward your electives, please email the information below to Dr. Lisa Gates at [email protected] or deliver it to the ARPE Office Suite in EBA-246.

Please include:

  • Your contact information (name, Red ID, email, phone number)
  • A typewritten rationale for why you believe the course should be approved as an elective (include the title of the course, the course number and the course description)
  • A brief (1-2 paragraphs) description of how it relates to the Leadership Minor theories, concepts, pathways, etc., the coursework required, and how may units it is.

I’m Interested! How do I declare the Leadership Minor?

Students interested in pursuing the Leadership Minor should enroll in the first required course entitled ARP 205: Exploring Leadership. Next, obtain and complete a Declaration of Minor form available at the Registrar’s Office Student Services West, Room 1641 and deliver it to the Leadership Minor Advisor, Dr. Lisa Gates. You may drop the form off ARPE Office Suite in Education and Business Administration (EBA) 246. From there, your form will be signed and submitted on your behalf to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Once your form has been processed, it will show up in Web Portal.

For more information on the Leadership Minor email: [email protected].

It is easy to declare the SDSU Leadership Minor. To declare the Leadership Minor please email Dr. Lisa Gates, the Director and Advisor for the Leadership Minor at [email protected] with your SDSU RED ID. She will  declare the minor through My.SDSU on your behalf. 


Students can contact Dr. Lisa Gates, the Leadership Minor Advisor, at [email protected] with questions.