Getting to Campus

There are a number of ways to get to and from campus. Explore some options below:


General Parking and Transportation information for SDSU


MTS and Public Transportation

MTS provides updated transportation information and services to the SDSU community.  You can find information on public transportation and student passes; including the RAPID 215 bus servicing areas between Downtown San Diego and SDSU including, North Park, Normal Heights, City Heights University Heights and recreation areas of Balboa Park. 

Buses, Trolleys, Coaster and Student Passes


Driving and Campus Parking

SDSU has a number of different parking options including hourly, day, week, month, and semester options. Many Permits had only daytime and overnight options.

Campus Parking Options and Permits


Biking to Campus

Biking to campus can be healthy, fun, and a great way to save on gas if you live close to campus. Those wishing to  bike to and park their bike on campus must register their bike with. Registration comes with a bike lock while supplies last.  

Bike Information and Registration