Fraternity & sorority Life Philanthropy & Service


Fraternities and sororities have a long standing history of being involved with philanthropy and service. At SDSU, chapters contribute Time, Talent, Treasurer, Voice and Network to benefit causes that speak to them! This is The Spirit of Philanthropy & Service philosophy. Based on an article written on behalf of the CASE Foundation, The Spirit of Philanthropy is the basis for all philanthropic efforts.

Chapter-hosted Philanthropy & Service

For chapters planning a philanthropy or service project, here are some resources to help along the way!

Philanthropy & Service Reports

Service Hours Reports are based on chapter submissions through the University tracking system to report service hours. It is recommended that chapters submit hours on behalf of members who participated in a service-based project after each project.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Infographic for 2019-20



Fraternity and Sorority Life Infographic for 2018-19


Fraternity and Sorority Life Infographic for 2017-18