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Fraternal organizations have been a core component of the San Diego State community since 1899! Today, there are 46 recognized sororities and fraternities and over 3,800 student members. These organizations create smaller communities with the larger University environment for the purpose of facilitating growth of SDSU students. Fraternities and sororities each have a unique purpose based on values and ethics that foster the highest ideals and behavior.


  • Academic Achievement
  • Alumni and Family Relations
  • Chapter Management
  • Community Relations
  • Community Wellness
  • Diversity Education and Inclusion
  • Leadership Education and Development
  • Philanthropy and Service

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Sophomore Success Program Exemption Process (SSPEP) - 2021

Students who joined a social fraternity or sorority during the Fall 2021 semester can request to live in the chapter facility during their sophomore year (2022-2023 academic year), however, both the student and the chapter must meet specific requirements in the Fall 2021 semester in order to be eligible for this exemption process.

Individual Requirements: 
The student must have a Fall 2021 semester and total GPA at or above 2.80 and be in good standing with the university. This means they cannot be on academic probation/disqualification or judicial probation. Clarification: Rounding GPA figures does not occur. 

Organizational Requirements:
The fraternity or sorority chapter must acquire a minimum of "accredited" status on their Greek Accreditation evaluation for the Fall 2021 semester and have a Fall 2021 semester and total GPA at or above 2.80. Clarification: Rounding GPA figures does not occur. 

On or before January 10, 2022: Students (Fall 2021, first year new members) interested in being a resident of their respective fraternity/sorority chapter facility starting fall 2022 during their sophomore year must individually submit their interest to the Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life Advisory Team via the FSL Exemption Request Google Form. This form is not the full exemption request. The Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life Advisory Team will route (via AdobeSign) the Letter of Intent/Contract Release Request to all individuals that need to initial/sign this document within three business days of receiving the Google Form entry.

By January 19, 2022: The routed Letter of Intent/Contract Release Request (electronic, 3-page document) must be electronically signed by the individual student, parent/guardian, and chapter advisor.

By January 21, 2022: Students and chapters will be notified of eligibility.

By 5:00PM on January 27, 2022: Advisors of Eligible chapters will submit the final list of names of those they wish to become residents of their chapter facility.

On January 28, 2022: All eligible, participating chapters will be notified if there are additional spaces that weren't filled and be provided information on a second application round (including deadlines and any additional directions), if applicable. These additional spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served manner.

By February 14, 2022: The deadline for names of final eligible students with signed Letter of Intent/Contract Release Request form.

SSPEP Materials & Resources:

The FSL Sophomore Success Program Exemption Process (SSPEP) is a chapter and member driven process. That said, the chapter is expected to send the information above to all first year, Fall 2021 new members that are interested in exploring the Sophomore Success Program Exemption Process. 

Fall 2022 Recruitment Information

Information regarding recruitment in the Fall 2022 semester for each governing council is being addressed. Please refer back to this website for updates at a later date.

Each governing council will be announcing their own recruitment/intake event dates on their respective social media accounts. For more timely updates, please refer to each governing council's instagram poge:

  • @SDSUPanhellenic

To learn more about how to join and membership eligibility requirements, please visit our Intake Webpage. For the links to the required online training modules, please scroll down to the next section on this webpage.