Reserve Space on Campus

Reservations for space on campus shall be made with Student Life & Leadership through the online Event Application System (EAS).

Which events get submitted through the EAS?

  1. If you are a Recognized Student Organization or student lead for an awarded Student Success Fee Academic-related Program, ALL on-campus events MUST be entered into the EAS.
  2. If you are an SDSU affiliate (department, staff, faculty, etc.) only requests for Outdoor Space, such as tabling or other Outdoor Activities, must be submitted online through the EAS.
  3. If you are not affiliated with SDSU, only requests for Outdoor Space, such as tabling or other Outdoor Activities, must be submitted online through the EAS.

Reservations for Use of Campus Grounds/Outdoor Space

Reservations for use of campus grounds/outdoor space are required when using chairs, tables, canopies, structures, vehicles, food, beverages, or sound amplification equipment.

As of Monday, February 1, 2016, the paper Outdoor Space Application is no longer valid. All requests must be made through the online Event Application System (EAS).

Outdoor Space Resources:

List of Outdoor Space Locations:

Location NameLocation Details
Adams Humanities Quad 4th Floor
All Campus (Walk/Run)  
Arts & Letters Courtyard  
Arts Walkway  
Aztec Green  
Campanile Walkway Aztec Walkway, Approved for Blood Mobile
Campanile Walkway East Lane
Campanile Walkway Flag Pole: Approved for Blood Mobile and Outdoor Sound
Campanile Walkway Hepner Hall
Campanile Walkway North End Grass area
Career Services Plaza  
Centennial Walkway East Lane: Fire Marshal Approval needed
Centennial Walkway South End
Centennial Walkway West Lane: Location 1-18
Cuicacalli Walkway  
Don Powell Theatre Grass Quad
Don Powell Theatre Patio Top of the stairs
East Commons Courtyard Bookstore Approval needed
Engineering Bldg Courtyard Under Construction
ENS 280 Courtyard  
Hepner Hall Quad
Hostler Hall Courtyard Terrace on the west side of Storm Hall
Lawn in front of Public Safety  
Mediterranean Garden  
Music Building/Aztec Mesa Blacktop  
Nasatir Hall Grass
North Education Lawn  
North Library Walkway Business Administration
North Library Walkway Love Library
Open Air Theatre (OAT) Walkway  
President Black's Quad North of Love Library and Southwest of Administration
PSFA Courtyard  
Scripps Cottage Lawn  
Scripps Terrace Outside West Commons
Storm Hall Hostler Hall Roof Courtyard
Student Services Courtyard  
Viejas Arena West Side Grass Area, A.S and ARC Approval needed
Viejas Arena Turnaround Approved for Blood Mobile
War Memorial  
South Campus Plaza Approval from Aztec Shops needed

Reserving Outdoor Amplified Sound On Campus

Use of Amplified Sound in outdoor space is restricted and must be approved in advance in order to preserve the academic and research mission of the University. Please use the online EAS system to request use of outdoor amplified sound.

Other Space on campus:

Reserving Associated Students Facilities

Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union & Scripps Cottage

Union Programs & Services is operating out of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union. They are located within the Associated Students Offices (Room 320) on the west side of the third floor. Reservations are available for all Union facilities including Scripps Cottage. Their staff can assist you in finding the perfect venue for your meeting or special event and also help coordinate a variety of services to ensure a successful event.

For more information please 619-594-5278 or visit their website.

night time photo of conrad prebys aztec student union with glowing lights

Viejas Arena

The 12,400 seat, state-of-the-art Viejas Arena is managed by Associated Students (AS). Viejas Arena is home to Aztec Men's and Women's Basketball teams, family shows, concerts, commencements and other university and community events. All event booking is handled through the Viejas Arena administrative office. Rental rates, staffing, production, parking and ticketing costs, as well as other event related expenses are charged at rates current at the time of booking.

Information Line: 619-594-7315

Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

With a capacity of over 4,900, the Open Air Theatre, a natural outdoor amphitheatre, managed by Associated Students has been host to today's most popular entertainers as well as community and campus events. All event booking is handled through the Viejas Arena Administrative office. Rental rates, staffing, production, parking and ticketing costs, as well as other event related expenses are charged at rates current at the time of booking. Certain restrictions regarding amplified sound may be imposed and approval must be obtained prior to booking.

Information Line: 619-594-7315

Mission Bay Aquatic Center

The Mission Bay Aquatic Center offers for-credit and non-credit recreational programs in water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, kayaking, sailing, Olympic rowing, wind surfing and many other activities and also has facilities available for group activities.

Information Line: 888-488-1000

Classroom Reservation Requests for Student Organizations


Ranging in seating size from 12 to 500, university classrooms are available for student, faculty, or staff meetings and activities on weekdays without a charge provided no admission or registration fee is charged. On-campus groups are charged custodial/maintenance fees when classrooms are used during the weekends.

Classrooms must be reserved at least two weeks in advance. No rooms are available during final examination periods and Commencement weekend. Food and drink are not permitted in classroom facilities at any time and the sponsoring group must clean and restore the room to its original condition. Noise from an event may not disrupt adjacent campus activities.

Classroom Reservation Requests Procedures for Recognized Student Organizations

To reserve a classroom, the request must be made through the online Event Application System (EAS). Please indicate in the "Notes" section of the EAS if you have a preference for a specific room. This is not a guarantee that you will be placed in that room. A Student Life Advisor will work to place you in a comparable room if your preference is unavailable.

Classroom Smart Technology Use Policy

You must also indicate in the EAS "Notes" section if you would like to use the Smart Classroom Technology (projector, computer, etc.). Student organizations requesting Smart Classroom Technology will not be charged to use this technology.

Other classroom requests for technology from off-campus partners may be subject to the Smart Classroom Technology fee. Once you have submitted an Event Application System (EAS) request for a classroom with technology, a Student Life Advisor will contact you in regards to potential fees.

Reserving Other Campus Facilities

Recognized Student Organizations must submit all reservation requests through the online Event Application System (EAS). Classrooms and outdoor space are reserved through the EAS system. All other facility spaces should be reserved directly with that office prior to submitting an EAS request.

For all Non-Recognized Student Organizations (SDSU departments, off-campus groups, etc.), please contact the facility directly for bookings.

Rental agreements for evening and weekend events in the following venues are coordinated through Business and Financial Affairs, Business Services at 619-594-5752. Rental agreements for weekday reservations are coordinated directly through each facility:

Don Powell Theatre

The 500-seat main stage is occasionally available when not in use by the Drama Department. A staff supervision charge will be imposed. For weekday rental reservations, contact Peter Nordyke at 619-594-6345. The Box Office number is 619-594-6884.

Little Theatre (LT-161)

The 170-seat (including the balcony) venue features theatre seating and a raised stage and is ideal for film screenings. Use of audio-visual equipment should be contracted with Instructional Technology Services, subject to the applicable fees. Theatre users may not have access to the projection booth or backstage area and may not remove the equipment box on stage. For weekday rental reservations, contact 619-594-5815

Sports Facilities

Student organization use of on-campus sports facilities can be arranged through Business and Financial Affairs, Business Services at 619-594-8339. Additional requirements, supervisory fees, and provision of liability insurance may be necessary to ensure the safe use of the facilities by all participants. Facility availability may be limited by use for instructional activities, intercollegiate sport practice and competition, and intramural programs.

photo of the faculty-Staff ClubAztec Shops Facilities

The following facilities may be reserved for meetings, meals, and special events on a fee basis:

  • East Commons, 619-594-7641
  • Cuicacalli Dining Hall, 619-594-4932 or 619-594-1633
  • Faculty-Staff Club, 619-594-5178