What is One SDSU?



Past Events

photo: jamie utt
Jamie Utt presentation: Creating a "sex-positive" culture on campus

poster for Defamation performance
Live Performance Series: Defamation

poster for the movie Into the Gyre
Campus Life Movie Series: Into the Gyre

poster for Not in Our Town
Campus Life Movie Series: Not in Our Town

poster for the Kaleidoscope event
Live Performance Series: A Kaleidoscope of Abilities

poster fo the movie InvictusCampus Life Movie Series: Invictus

poster for The Dallas Buyers Club
Campus Life Movie Series: Dallas Buyers Club

photo: scott schofield
Scott Schofield one-man show: stories from the life of a guy who happened to be born a girl

poster for disability Awareness event
Live Performance Series: Tiffany Adams

Let Freedom Ring - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade
SDSU Delegation marching in the 2015  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade

poster for Disability Awareness MonthDisability Awareness Month 2014

poster for Made in Bollywood movie
Campus Life Movie Series: Made in Bollywood

One SDSU Community Receptions
Welcome Week Community Receptions

poster for the Holi FestivalHoli Festival 2015


The Goal of One SDSU Community

Learning about diversity is great, but sometimes those conversations don’t happen outside of our own groups, or with people with different viewpoints from your own. Bringing together students who may not typically interact to
explore issues surrounding diversity is one of the main goals of One SDSU Community.

By providing these intersectional opportunities, where people can explore what they bring to the table and connect with others, we believe every member of the SDSU community will come together and embrace diversity in all forms, uniting us as one diverse group. 

One SDSU Community partners

 Upcoming Events