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Finding your place, making friends, and connecting academically and socially to campus are keys to your success at SDSU. Through websites, certificate programs and other active programming, we aim to provide students living at home and commuting to campus with important tools to help you make a positive connection to campus.

It can be very easy to fall into a routine of traveling to campus, going to class, and traveling back home. Challenge yourself to find an activity or organization on campus. Doing so will provide you an on-campus support network, and a sense of a “home away from home.” Students who become involved on campus are more satisfied with their college experience, and do better academically.

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Commuter Success Pathways

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Commuter Life aims to support and engage students living at home and commuting to campus through workshops, peer mentoring programs, and other support services to foster student success and a positive connection to the San Diego State University community.

You Are Not Alone!

Think you are the only person commuting from home to SDSU? You’re not alone.

Some interesting statistics about commuter student:

Over 85% of today’s college students live off-campus.

Over 80% of undergraduates work, with 46% of full time students working 25 hours or more a week.


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Introducing... The Alliance 4 Commuter Involvement (A4CI)

a4ci logoParticipate in the Alliance 4 Commuter Involvement to make the most out of your four years at SDSU! Through A4CI, a 4-year extracurricular model, you will get involved in programs focused on leadership, service-learning, and mentoring. Each year, A4CI will guide you through deeper levels of involvement and leadership opportunities. Commuter students will graduate with a rich and meaningful experience that will encourage their academic success and connection to the SDSU campus and community. Moreover, these experiences will help you become a more competitive candidate while you apply for jobs or graduate schools.


Each year, A4CI members will:

  • Attend an "Aztec Nights" or "One SDSU" event
  • Participate in one community service or service-learning event
  • Attend at least three Commuter Resource Center events and activities

As you advance through your four years, there will be various activities you can choose to complete, such as the following:

  • Enroll in the Sophomore Surge Mentoring Program
  • Attend a Study Abroad Workshop
  • Attend a Student Conference
  • Commit to a leadership position within a Student Organization

A4CI participants will be rewarded with an official Alliance 4 Commuter Involvement graduate stole to wear proudly at Commencement!

Join A4CI now by signing up here!



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