SDSU Go! field trips feature free weekend activities for students to explore the San Diego region and beyond! From the beach to the zoo, amusement parks to theater performances, SDSU Go! provides fantastic opportunities for students to come together.

In addition to serving as exciting alternatives to high-risk behaviors, the field trips will provide the opportunity for students to foster connection and community, while also exploring San Diego and Southern California.


If interested in learning more about SDSU Go!, please email:

Michelle Halverson, Student Life Advisor for Campus Events and Alternative Programs
Zach McDaniel, Student Life Advisor for Campus Events and Alternative Programs
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 619-594-2097


Expected Behavior

We greatly appreciate your support in positively representing SDSU and acting in alignment with our institutional values during the field trip. SDSU Go! field trips are University-sponsored events and, as such, all participants are expected to uphold all University policies, and state and federal laws. Students who allegedly violate university policies may be referred to the Center for Student Rights & Responsibilities.

Support During Trips

SDSU GO! trips will have at least two Go! Guides. The Go! Guides are faculty and staff at SDSU who serve as a connection point for students while on the trip. Should you need support during the trip, you will be able to contact your Go! Guides for assistance. More information about your Go! Guides will be provided to you when you check in on the trip.