Launch into Leadership scholarship

Launch into Leadership scholarship receipents are SDSU students who provide services, programs and resources necessary for positive leadership growth and development of SDSU student organizations and other on-campus student groups. The purpose of the team is to develop and promote leadership to SDSU students.

The Launch into Leadership scholars present leadership workshops on a variety of topics. These workshops can be tailored for student organization meetings. For more information, please visit the Leadership Workshop page.

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Interested in being a launch into leadership scholar?

Join the next cohort of Launch Into Leadership students! This year-long immersive leadership program will help you build leadership skills. In addition to presenting an array of leadership workshops, you will be required to attend one large-scale leadership event per month. There is also a scholarship opportunity available to those who are in the program! 

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Launch into Leadership scholars:

  • Present leadership workshops aimed at both students and student organization leaders.
  • Provide a variety of educational experiences and services to students, faculty/staff advisors and student organizations.
  • Serve as an involvement resource for all SDSU students.
  • Serve as a resource for students in organizations to consult, discuss and brainstorm how to create positive change in their group.
  • Strive to enable other students to be successful leaders in their individual organizations.
  • Advocate and volunteer at the SDSU Leadership Summit conference and other signature leadership events.
  • Serve as liaisons and student representatives for the Glazer Center for Leadership & Service.

What skills are required of Launch into Leadership scholars?        

Our student consultants are dynamic, energetic individuals who possess the ability to engage actively with their peers in learning settings. These individuals have a variety of leadership experiences to draw upon; however, targeted training is provided in order to assist Launch into Leadership members in furthering their own leadership skills.

As a part of training, students learn how to improve public speaking skills, how to lead both small and large groups, and gain the facilitation skills needed to effectively conduct a great program. Launch into Leadership students are trained to present on such topics as goal setting, personality, and communication styles. Not only will consultants be able to present on these topics, but in the process will become very knowledgeable about the topics themselves.

photo: Training

photo: group activities

The PLC's practicing various ice-breakers

Individual Consultations

The Peer Leadership Consultants offer individualized consultations to help SDSU students get involved within the SDSU community. The consultations are geared toward students that want to get involved, but don’t know where to start. With specialized training in student involvement, PLC’s will help students find organizations, volunteer opportunities, and leadership experiences that interest the student. You can find the Peer Leadership Consultants in the Student Life & Leadership office, Aztec Student Union, room 210.

Student Organization Consultation

The Peer Leadership Consultants will sit down with individual students or entire student organization executive boards to discuss organizational goals, provide institutional resources, assess the health of your student organization, offer involvement opportunities, or just help brainstorm ideas on a particular topic. Peer Leadership Consultants have been trained to offer guidance on a number of issues including:

  • Goal setting for your organization
  • Successful event planning
  • Motivating your members
  • Team building activities
  • Communication techniques
  • Conflict resolution
  • Officer transition


Who are Peer Leadership Consultants?

plc_group_picture_2018.jpgPeer Leadership Consultants are SDSU student leaders who engage the campus in peer education. Consultants are trained and given the resources needed to facilitate leadership workshops and team building programs that are customized to meet the needs of student organizations and other on-campus student groups.

Many PLCs are recipients of the Rising Star Scholarship and the Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA) Leadership Scholarship.



Past Peer Leadership Consultants: 

abbey photo
Major: Business Administration Marketing and English
Minor: Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

liana photo
Major: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Minor: Leadership and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

shannon photo
Major: Hospitality & Tourism Management
Minor: Leadership and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

mariana photo
Major: Journalism Media Studies Minor: Leadership

katrina photo
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Leadership and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

photo: bryan
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Leadership

photo: eva
Major: Urban Studies
Minor: Sustainability and

natalie photo
Major: Psychology
Minor: Honors Interdisciplinary Studies and Leadership.

austin photo
Major: Business Administration
Minor: Honors Interdisciplinary Studies and Leadership

josh photo
Major: Statistics and Economics
Minor: Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

julia photo
Major: Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Minor: Psychology

adam photo
Major: International Business with an emphasis in Spanish and Latin America

abbey photog
Major: Business Administration
Minor: Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

photo: Chidera
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies
Minor: Cultural

Major: Foods and Nutrition
in the Didactic Program
of Dietetics

hailey photo
Majro: International Business
Minor: Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

jr. photo
Major: Industrial Organizational Psychology
Minor: Leadership

julianna photo
Master’s: Rehabilitation Counseling with specialties in Psychiatric and Cognitive Rehabilitation

lauryn photo
Major: Speech, Language, and Hearing Science
Minor: Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Psychology and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

maria photo
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies 
Minor: Real Estate and Entrepreneurship

mariah photo
Major: Journalism - Public Relations
Minor: Leadership

photo: matt
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies - Anthropology, Communications, and Journalism & Media Studies

melissa photo
Major: International Security and Conflict Resolution (ISCOR)
Minor: Sustainability

Major: Business Management
Mino: Marketing

rachel photo
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Leadership Development, Cultural Proficiency

photo sarah
Major: Biology
and Psychology