Glazer center for leadership & service Workshops

Student organizations and campus groups can request a workshop, facilitation, or educational presentation, etc. Workshops are not offered during spring break week, finals week or on holidays.

Please understand that not all requested dates may be possible, or may need to be scheduled at a later time when a facilitator is available.

Workshops can be scheduled in one of three ways:

1. Come to a workshop that the Glazer Center for Leadership & Service (Aztec Student Union, room 220) offers! A maximum of 25 students can attend each workshop due to seating capacity. All workshops will start on time. If you are late your seat may be given to someone on the wait list.

  • See the Spring 2022 workshop schedule below.
    • January 31st at 12pm: Leadership Certificate Info Session
    • February 3rd at 12pm: Leadership Values
    • February 9th at 11am: True Colors
    • February 10th at 12pm: Community Service Info Session
    • February 11th at 10am: Leadership Etiquette
    • February 14th at 12pm: Intro to Leadership Theory
    • February 25th at 12pm: Leadership Certificate Info Session
    • March 1st at 1pm: Leadership Etiquette
    • March 2nd at 12pm: Community Service Info Session
    • March 9th at 3pm: Conflict Styles
    • March 10th at 12pm: Leadership Lunch Series #1
    • March 15th at 1pm: Time Management
    • March 21st at 12pm: Leadership Values
    • March 23rd at 12pm: Leadership Lunch Series #2
    • March 24th at 1pm: Relational Leadership Model
    • April 5th at 3pm: Intro to Leadership Theory
    • April 7th at 6pm: True Colors
    • April 13th at 11am: Committing to Boundaries
    • April 14th at 6pm: Conflict Styles
    • April 27th at 3pm: Relational Leadership Model
    • May 4th at 11am: Time Management

  • RSVP for the Leadership and Service Workshops. (you will need to go to the workshop date on the calendar and RSVP for each individual workshop)

2. Does your group have 25-40 members? Then we are happy to come to you! First, please book a room large enough for your group, and we will work with you on a date and time for the workshop. Schedule a consultation with Michelle Halverson ([email protected]) a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of your preferred date, knowing that some workshops take more time to schedule.

3. Other workshops may be available after consultation with Michelle Halverson ([email protected]) in the Center for Leadership & Community Service, located in Student Life & Leadership, Aztec Student Union, room 220.

Please note:

  • Workshops are based upon the needs of the organization, which will be determined after consultation with Michelle Halverson in the Glazer Center for Leadership & Service.
  • You will be submitting a workshop request. Workshops will be confirmed pending availability of the presenters. While we try our hardest to accommodate first choice dates and times, we may need to work together to find a time that works with the requesters and the presenters. Because of this fact, we ask that student groups request workshops towards the beginning and middle of the semester.
  • Workshops are best geared towards smaller groups (less than 40) where in-depth conversations and reflection can take place. If your organization is large, we ask that you consider breaking down the workshops into different dates for different groups - for example, new members, executive officers, event planning officers.
  • Social fraternity and sorority organizations seeking accreditation points must schedule the workshops well in advance, and be willing to break down large numbers of members into multiple workshop sessions. You will still receive credit if you do multiple workshops on different dates. Not showing up to a scheduled workshop because enough members cannot attend will reflect poorly on the organization and accreditation scoring.

Workshops available may include:

Leadership & Community Service Workshops

Breaking the Ice
Whether your members are new, seasoned veterans, or a mix – this workshop will cater to the needs of your group, in an effort to break the ice and get members comfortable with one another. Icebreakers range from “getting to know you,” in learning the names and basics, to team builders and fun hands-on activities for groups who are looking to learn a little more about the way the group functions together. (30-45 minutes)

Community Service
This workshop is great for students or student organizations who are looking to increase their knowledge about community service, university resources and service opportunities they can get involved with. The difference between different types of service (i.e.: volunteering, service learning, philanthropy) is discussed along with the procedure for SDSU students to track their service hours with the university. (30 minutes)

Test Taking Skills/Finals Prep
As you have noticed, college is filled with exams that not only test your knowledge of the subject, but also test your test-taking skills. This workshop is designed to provide strategies for a variety of tests, such as multiple choice, essay, true/false, and short answer. If you request this between 8 am and 3 pm we will try to match you with an SLL staff presenter. Peer Leadership Consultants will present the workshop after 3 pm. (1 hour)

Time Management for Student Leaders (best during the first few weeks of the semester)
Among the most important skills mastered by great leaders is the art of balance and time management. This workshop will present you with the skills and practices necessary to be an effective and well-balanced student leader. This workshop is highly recommended for newly elected student organization leaders, freshman, or students in need of a time management “refresher.” (1 hour)

True Colors: Personality & Communication Styles Exercise and Conversations
Communication challenges are often the source of many issues facing leaders in today’s student organizations. Personality differences are also the source of conflict and dysfunction. Learning to understand the different personalities and communication needs in your organization is an important leadership tool. (1 hour)

What Conflict Style Do You Lead With?
This presentation discusses an uncomfortable yet important leadership experience: managing conflict. Participants are asked to define their own conflict style and compare it to the styles of others. Through group facilitation, the group trades tips on managing conflict. (1 hour)

Etiquette for Student Leaders
Having proper etiquette is a skill crucial to situations you will encounter in college, as a professional, and throughout your adult life. Learn the correct way to give a handshake, what to do when you forget someone’s name, and brush up on silverware placement and your table manners! This session will teach you the art of etiquette so you are prepared for face to face and online situations. (1 hour)

Additional workshops are also offered as part of the Leadership Certificate Program.