Funding Information

Campanile Foundation

“All gifts to San Diego State University are accepted and administered by the Campanile Foundation (TCF), an official 501(c)3 auxiliary organization of San Diego State University.”

For further information, contact Student Life & Leadership in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union, Suite 210 (2nd floor of the Union) or at 619-594-5221

Tax I.D. Number

A Tax ID Number or EIN (Employer-ID number), is like a social security number for your organization. Student Organizations are often in situations that require a Federal Tax ID Number (opening an organizational bank account, conducting fundraisers off-campus, working concessions at an athletic event). No student organization is permitted to use the University's tax identification number. Its purpose is so the IRS will not make you personally responsible for taxes on revenue that you have earned.

On-Campus Bank Account Tax I.D.

If you have an on-campus bank account, you can request a Tax ID by filling out the Tax ID Request form found on the Associated Students Website.


Sources of Funding

Associated Students Finance Board

The Finance Board acts on all requests for Associated Students’ funding, including those made by the AS boards and college councils. In addition, the Finance Board directly allocates money for student organizations under the jurisdiction of each of the 7 college councils, funding for AS programs and boards, as well as funding for student organizations’ activities for purposes of recruiting and retaining students who are underrepresented in the SDSU population because of educational and social disadvantage. For further details, contact the AS Vice President of Finance.

In order to request funding read and follow instructions for Campus Program Funding.


Academic Colleges/Departments

Some colleges or departments have funding that can be allocated to student organizations. If your group is affiliated with a specific department or college, contact the College Council President to inquire about possible funding.

Student Success Fee

In the Spring of 2014, a new mandatory Student Success Fee (SSF) was approved, effective Fall 2014. A portion of the fee (10%) is dedicated to enhancing student success through expanded Academic Related Programs (ARPs). The remaining portion of the fee (90%) is used to increase the number of tenure-track faculty lines and course sections.

Academic Related Programs (ARPs) are defined as those activities and programs which extend the formal learning experience in a course or academic program. They provide an opportunity for students to become engaged and involved in their education outside of their academic courses to enrich their overall educational experience. Examples of ARPs include but are not limited to student colloquia, lecture series, seminars, student projects, student performances, and participation at professional conferences.

Student organizations can apply for Student Success Fee funding for an Academic Related Program by following the steps here: