Allyship Seminars

The Division of Student Affairs & Campus Diversity offers allyship seminars to students, faculty, and staff. The allyship seminars are housed in their respective centers and below, you will find our current offerings of Disability Ally, The Brave Project, Military Ally, Safe Zones, and Undocually. As a commitment to SDSU’s values of equity and inclusion in everything we do, we encourage you to attend these allyship seminars as part of your professional development and learning experience at SDSU.

For more information about specific programs and partnerships, please explore each center’s allyship seminar webpage, as listed below. 

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Works to ensure a campus atmosphere that is welcoming, informative, educational, and safe for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, pansexual, asexual, and aromantic (LGBTQQIPAA) students, faculty, staff, administrators, and members of the campus community. This is given through the Pride Center & Faculty volunteers.


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Brave Project

A four session certification training on sexual violence, through a feminist lens, offered by the Women's Resource Center. Participants learn about rape culture and consent, SDSU policies and procedures, ways to support survivors and create change, and the ways identity and systems of power are embedded throughout. For more information, please contact [email protected].

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This program is housed in the Undocumented Resource Center and seeks to generate a community of allies for undocumented students, create an understanding of undocumented and mix-status family students’ background and experiences that may produce unique needs, and form an awareness of policies that impact undocumented and mixed-status students.


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Disability Ally

Disability Ally is hosted by the Student Ability Success Center (SASC) and is designed to establish disability partners and advocates across the San Diego State University campus. Upon completion of the Ability Ally seminar, allies will be able to create a safe, supportive, and understanding environment for individuals with diverse abilities. In addition to supporting students who are already connected with SASC, an ally will have the knowledge to support and provide resources to students who are not yet connected with the Student Ability Success Center. Ability Ally sessions are fun and interactive. The seminar will provide a variety of disability-related topics, including the accommodation process, diagnoses, the impact of labeling, and disability etiquette. For additional information and/or to request accessibility accommodations to fully participate in this seminar, please contact the Ability Ally team at .

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Please use this form to request a presentation by the Basic Needs Center and the Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT). Presentations will be a total of 45 minutes (30 minute presentation with 15 minute Q&A), and will include information on services and resources provided by the Basic Needs Center and ECRT.