Employee Resource Groups (ERG's)

Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) are designed to build an inclusive environment for SDSU employees from various employment groups, with particular attention to employees from historically underrepresented and underserved backgrounds. ERG’s are established and operated by employees with modest support from the Division of Diversity and Innovation.

**Please complete the application by May 21 (applications open on April 1) to begin the process of establishing or reaffirming an ERG.**

Dear SDSU Community,

In light of the recent painful events happening in our country and in our communities, we, the collective SDSU Employee Resource Group Program are in solidarity in expressing our condemnation of all acts of racism and reaffirming our support for all of our colleagues and students, especially our Black faculty, staff, and students. We are with you all. We are committed to listening, to learning, to getting to know you, to being active allies at SDSU and in our lives by addressing individual and systemic racism, as well as anti-Blackness as we see or hear of it.  As President Adela De La Torre expressed, “Our hearts ache with sorrow and outrage.” 

We acknowledge that this time has been painful and difficult for so many of us. It is understandable that we might struggle in the context of this anguish. Please take your time. We are committed to being here for one another. The SDSU ERG program is poised to do what we aspired to in its inception: to build inclusive communities in support of one another to strive for equity and justice at SDSU, and to foster the collective safety and well-being of all our communities. 

We understand that sustained commitments to fight racism, anti-blackness, and injustice are needed and dynamic. As such we are committed to action now, and into the long-term. We are encouraging our own members to examine suggestions for concrete actions and to discuss implicit bias and intersectionality at work, in our communities, and in our daily lives. We invite all members of the SDSU community to join us in these vital conversations. 

On behalf of the SDSU ERG program and its members,
Emilio C. Ulloa, PhD, Chair of Campus Climate
[email protected]
Please visit each individual ERG page for more information