How to Start an Employee Resource Group (ERG)

Thank you for your interest in seeking official recognition of an employee resource group from the Division of Diversity and Innovation. The DDI operates under the guidance of the Associate Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion with the goal of connecting SDSU faculty and staff with individuals who share common interests or backgrounds.

ERG’s are designed to build an inclusive environment for SDSU employees from various employment groups, with particular attention to employees from historically underrepresented and underserved backgrounds. Examples of ERGs on other campuses include the Latinx Faculty Staff Association; the Black/African American Faculty Staff Association; The Asian and Pacific Islander Faculty Staff Association; The Pride Faculty Staff Association; The First Generation College Student Faculty and Staff Association, among others. ERG’s serve to advance the university’s diversity and inclusion agenda through Diversity and Innovation goals.

ERG’s are established and operated by employees with modest support from Division of Diversity and Innovation. To receive support, all ERG’s must have:

  • A Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary
  • A roster listing at least 20 members who actively participate in ERG meetings.* ERGs are strongly encouraged to have representation from both faculty and staff.
  • Have bylaws with a plan of rotating leadership between SDSU faculty and staff (if applicable)**
  • An approved annual plan detailing how ERG efforts will support the primary objectives of the Division of Diversity and Innovation.
  • NEW: Continuing ERGs applying for renewal must also provide a narrative summary describing their events and activities for the past year, as well as descriptions of how the group and their activities have served their mission and goals.

* We will work with any groups worried about the membership requirement to ensure they are not prohibited from participating.

**Please note that your respective bargaining units are the sole bargaining agents for employees, including on terms and conditions of employment.

***The purpose of requiring bylaws is so that applicants have a mechanism to share with us how they operate. Applicant organizations are free to write bylaws that are appropriate for them, in whatever format they see fit. (the attached is merely a sample to be helpful)

In addition, ERG leaders must agree to participate in an ERG orientation and in periodic cross-ERG meetings and events. DDI reserves the right to approve and continue recognition of ERG’s based on existing resources, level of participation, and adherence to SDSU policies and procedures. Please note: The ERGs are not bargaining agents for any units, including on terms and conditions of employment, or act in any official capacity for the University. Please complete the application by 5:00PM on May 22 (opens on April 1) to begin the process of establishing or reaffirming an ERG.