apida sdsu logo (asian pacific islander desi american resource center)Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Resource Center (APIDA)

Mission Statement

The SDSU APIDA Center facilitates the academic and personal success of APIDA-identified students by providing relevant and accessible programming, resources, and services that will identify and address barriers to academic achievement, community-building, on- and off- campus partnerships, and advocacy for the inclusion of APIDA people’s unique histories, cultures, and perspectives in campus programs and curriculum. This Center strives to increase the visibility and voice of APIDA students and enable the academic success of APIDA students through the promotion of academic engagement and retention efforts.

Opportunities and Highlights:

  • Experiential Field Trips and Events
  • Heritage/Travel Abroad Programs
  • Mentoring and Academic Support Programs
  • Conferences and Lecture Series
  • Community/Social Gatherings
  • Leadership/Career Training
  • Recognition Initiatives and Celebrations
  • Community Service Opportunities 

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Follow Us!

Testimonial from SDSU Senior, Kathy Ho: “Identity Centers help students of color feel like we have a ‘home’ on campus. We can embrace our identities through events, celebrations, and programs so that we can center our voices and cultivate a welcoming and supportive campus climate. They give us opportunities to increase our leadership skills and a sense of community.”

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group photo of women at APAHE conference