Filipinx American History Month

Filipinx American History Month

At San Diego State University, an Asian American Native American Pacific Islander- Serving Institution (AANAPISI), we are thrilled to be celebrating Filipinx American History Month (FAHM) this October.

The Filipinx community at SDSU is strong and thriving. In addition to the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Center, the Filipinx community is present and active in the Bayanihan Employee Resource Group, the APIDA Employee Resource Group, AB Samahan student organization and the Asian Pacific Student Alliance student organization.

In 1982, Fred Cordova became the founding president of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS). He referred to Filipino Americans as the “forgotten Asian Americans.” In 1991, the FANHS proposed the first annual Filipino American History Month (FAHM) to start in 1992. FAHM is meant to amplify the overlooked contributions of Filipinx Americans and the lasting impact of Spanish settler colonial history.

FANHS is intentional about celebrating “history” versus “heritage” since history includes events and experiences whereas heritage mainly focuses on cultural traditions.

In 2009, California Senator Leland Yee sponsored a resolution that recognized October as Filipino American History Month. October was chosen because it commemorates the arrival of the first Filipino/a/x people who landed in what is now Morro Bay, Calif., on Oct. 18, 1587. October is also the birth month of Filipino American labor leader Larry Itliong (October 25 is Larry Itliong Day).

In 2009, Congress recognized October federally as Filipino American History Month.