Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Affairs

Dr. Emilio Ulloa is the Chair of Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Affairs.


Meet the SDSU Latinx/Hispanic/Chicanx community!

Do you identify as Latinx, Hispanic, Chicanx?

We are interested in finding creative ways to introduce our Latinx, Hispanic, Chicanx, (or other members of the community) Faculty, Staff and Graduate students to our students and to each other in service to our status as an Hispanic-Serving Institution throughout Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15). 

We are reaching out now to ask you to introduce yourself to the SDSU community in a novel way, by recording a very short introduction video. You can find the simple guidelines/template here. Please save the file in your google drive, or upload to your youtube space, and share the link with [email protected].   

We will be sharing the videos on our HSI webpage and highlighting the project in upcoming emails/announcements. Please submit your video ASAP but before Sept 25th in order to be highlighted this month.                   

HSI Report

In case you missed the virtual town hall presenting the final report of the Task Force, you can access the recording here:

Becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institution: San Diego State University qualified for the designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) by the Department of Education as of Spring 2012. This national designation provides access to federal grants and scholarships to colleges and universities that serve a significant population of low-income students and at least 25% Hispanic students. Research on HSI's has opened up a conversation about the opportunities and barriers in attempts at serving said students. As per the recent HSI Taskforce Report recommendations, we are strengthening our steps to better serve the "Hispanic" and low-income students that we enroll. This session will review strategies and plans for what it means for SDSU to truly embrace its HSI status.

Tuesday, May 5th recording


SDSU has a timely, urgent, and distinct need to leverage its status as an HSI to secure the external funding needed to provide a high-quality undergraduate and graduate education to our highly diverse student population. Additionally, our faculty researchers and students have distinct strengths. There is an opportunity to recognize and provide institutional support and guidance to ensure the SDSU community has access to the fullest range of external funding to support their work. The student and institutional characteristics among HSIs, and SDSU in particular, positions us to substantially enhance Latinx education and the diversity of the academic and high-skill pipelines and innovate in what it means to be “Hispanic serving.”  
In this workshop, we will explore activities and concepts that will expand perceptions of San Diego State University as a creator of research within its identity as an HSI. We will discuss how SDSU can lean into the opportunities presented because of our HSI identify and research activity. In parallel, we will champion that leveraging our identity is an institutional responsibility to optimize our research enterprise, culture, and climate - the benefits of which will accrue to the faculty, staff, and ultimately the students who afford us our HSI identity. Presenters: Dr. John Crockett, Associate Vice President for Research Advancement, and Dr. Emilio Ulloa, Chair of HSI Affairs.

Friday, Oct 2nd (recording)(Slides and handouts)


NEH HSI competition (Slides)

This workshop discusses:

1) The actual timeline for preparation starting backward from April 14 to 2/25. What interim milestones should you be accomplishing to get to the finish line

2) What topics are eligible and funded by this NEH program, how can you see yourself in this program

3) What are the institutional priorities (strategic plan and others) that provide context for your work so you can demonstrate the work is sustainable

4) What specific things can Research Advancement do FOR you - things that you do not have to do.