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Inclusive Communication

  • Managing Challenging Conversations
    Suggestions and resources to help manage challenging moments and be a more effective upstander when microaggressions happen.
  • When Hate Happens
    Suggestions and resources for supporting our students, colleagues and classmates when there are incidents of hate that target specific communities.
  • Inclusive Language
    How we communicate can both reflect and perpetuate implicit biases so for many people, ensuring that we are using inclusive language can require a conscious effort to reflect on the implications of our word choice and to develop new habits. The resources on this page are intended to provide some guidance for that work.
  • Facilitator Guide for Diversity Conversations
    As SDSU strives to truly embrace “equity and inclusion in everything we do”, many more faculty and staff are engaging in conversations around justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. While these conversations are important and necessary to ensure meaningful action, they also can be challenging and fraught with the potential for misunderstandings. This guide is intended to help those who may be leading these conversations to facilitate open and honest exchange while maintaining collegial and inclusive interactions.
  • Filtering Email
    Faculty and staff often receive unwanted emails from colleagues. Although free speech protections limit San Diego State University’s ability to stop such messages, you are certainly not obligated to read or respond to them. We have collected several options if you would like to filter your unwanted, non-University-business email.

Student Support

  • Supporting Student Whole Health
    This presentation reviews campus resources and how you can help students struggling with their mental and emotional health, well-being, basic needs insecurities and other crisis situations (title link goes to recording; the slides are also available)
  • Inclusive Student Support in the Virtual Environment (video series)
    This series of virtual discussions was offered in Summer 2020 and focuses on key principles of inclusive online student services. 
  • Teaching and Supporting the Whole Student (video series)
    An important aspect of equity-minded teaching and student support is understanding what is happening in students’ lives, as well as knowing about resources to which you may be able to refer students for help with a range of issues.
  • Resources for Student Support - Personal and Academic (Canvas resource pages)
    These pages compile links with brief descriptions of campus resources.


  • Maintaining Equity and Inclusion in Virtual Learning Environments
    As SDSU strives to keep our students, faculty and staff safe in these unusual times, many faculty are wondering how they can ensure that they continue to serve ALL of their students. This guide provides suggestions and resources to help faculty continue teaching in ways that are equitable and inclusive as they move to teach face-to-face classes remotely.
  • Inclusive Pedagogy
    An inclusive classroom is one where ALL students feel welcome, safe to participate, and supported in their learning. This resource page provides links to multiple sources for strategies to create such an environment.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Syllabus Statements
    Your syllabus is often the first introduction students have to you and your course and is an opportunity to set a positive tone for everything that follows. Including a diversity and inclusion statement can be an important signal of your commitment to supporting ALL of your students.
  • Foundations of Effective and Inclusive Course Design: Online course, 8-10 hours to complete
    In this self-paced course, participants will learn about evidence-based and inclusive teaching practices and will develop learner-centered course learning outcomes, assessments and activities for multiple modalities. This is a good option for those who need ultimate flexibility and/or do not feel able to commit to anything time-bound this summer.
  • Closing Equity Gaps in Student Success
    This page provides a step-by-step process for individual faculty or department teams who are looking for evidence-based strategies.
  • Inclusive Teaching in the Virtual Environment (video series)
    This series of virtual discussions was offered in Summer 2020 and focuses on key principles of inclusive online teaching.
  • Identifying and Responding to Bias in Teaching Evaluations (recording), Fri March 26
    Students' evaluations of faculty teaching have long been used as a strategy to assess teaching effectiveness in college and university courses. However, recent calls for more equitable practices in retention, tenure, and promotion processes and studies concluding that women and faculty of color experience negative bias in student evaluations have led some to question their validity and utility. This workshop discusses how bias manifests in student evaluations and propose strategies for mitigating it.
  • Resources for Student Support (Canvas resource page)
    One way that instructors can support students is by providing information on campus resources. The page linked here can be imported directly into any of your own Canvas courses.

Additional Topics

  • Resources for colleagues experiencing emotional, relational, behavioral or mental health concerns
    The pandemic has highlighted the need for all of us to practice self-care and seek out help when we need it. 
  • Working and Teaching Remotely
    Working and Teaching Remotely was an online program where members of the San Diego State Community could come together and get practical advice/suggestions on how to deal with the new environment we are all experiencing.
  • Implementing the Plan: Strategy, Solidarity, Sustainability
    This is a recording from Dr. Sumun Pendakur's CIE community professional learning opportunity on March 16, 2021. Implementing a strategic plan brings opportunities and lessons to all involved. We’ll dive in to explore how students, staff, and faculty can be in coalition, while also moving the needle on their locus of control in meaningful ways.
  • Getting to Know IV
    A college of SDSU, SDSU-IV has a rich history of serving southeastern California as a source of quality education and research. This is a recording of the Oct 27, 2021 webinar with Professors Elizabeth Cordero and David Kanaan that introduces the SDSU-IV community, the connections between SDSU-IV and the main campus of SDSU, areas for potential growth, and the important role that SDSU-IV plays in the mission of SDSU overall.