Allyship for the African American Community

There are many specific actions you can take as an individual to strengthen your allyship and demonstrate your commitment to support our Black students, colleagues and community. We encourage you to consider and take any of the following actions:

  • Participate in Academics for Black Wellness and Survival Week, which begins on June 19, Juneteenth, which commemorates the date 155 years ago when the last African Americans held as slaves received news of the Emancipation Proclamation.
  • Register for Black Minds Matter, a five-session series beginning July 16 addressing the experiences and realities of Black students in education. 
  • Participate in the development of your department / sub-unit diversity plan
  • Attend SDSU’s annual One SDSU Kickoff and Welcome Receptions to connect with students from various racial, ethnic, and religious groups
  • Use the Inclusive SDSU system to report any incidents of bias, as well as examples that positively reinforce our campus commitments  you may experience or observe. Consider adding a statement to your fall syllabus that ensures students know about the reporting system.
  • Donate to the Black Resource Center to help cultivate a safe, welcoming and enriching climate for SDSU's Black students.
  • If you have not already, sign the Pledge to Create a Welcoming and Safe Climate for SDSU's African-American Community (and/or see the Pledge site for additional suggestions and resources).
  • Ensure your students are aware of SDSU resources that can provide help and support at this time. Please go online for Campus Support Services.

If you would like additional information, resources or assistance with any of these actions, please contact the Center for Inclusive Excellence at [email protected]. You can also join the mailing list for the Center for Inclusive Excellence for announcements and resources specifically related to professional learning for faculty and staff.