About us

About Us

Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs is a partner in the university learning community. Education is enhanced, both inside and outside of the classroom, through high-impact programs and services that advance student learning, development and success.

The Division facilitates the academic success, personal growth and well-being of all students. Student Affairs transitions and connects students to the university and to their future, building communities that foster progress toward degree completion and lifelong Aztec affinity. 

Vision Statement

The Division of Student Affairs facilitates the personal growth, welfare, intellectual development, academic achievement and career success of each individual student by:

  • Fostering a campus culture that encourages each student to pursue excellence and articulate his or her own goals.
  • Creating environments that leverage our rich diversity to maximize the success of students, faculty, staff and administrators through intentional integrative experiences. 
  • Enhancing the learning environment and expanding learning opportunities for all students inside and outside the classroom.
  • Developing leaders who believe in and lead others toward supporting civility, mutual respect and diversity in our society and workplaces.
  • Expanding and connecting opportunities for students to participate in transformational experiences.
  • Building and expanding the human, technological, fiscal and physical resources that support the growth and development of student affairs.