Black Resource Center


SDSU’s Black Resource Center (BRC) strives to promote Black Excellence and to provide a safe and welcoming environment where students, staff, and faculty of the African Diaspora Can congregate, collaborate, and cultivate a unified community.

The BRC provides a space where we can reflect upon, honor, and celebrate our past and present as well as plan for our future. Through strategic and ongoing collaborative efforts, the BRC promotes intellectual exploration and academic achievement through educational, scholarship, and research initiatives; professional and career development strategies; and leadership and service opportunities.

Founded upon the principles of achievement, balance, creativity, solidarity, and love, the BRC through an ongoing series of student success programs and rich dialogues focusing on social justice issues, will dedicate its resources to addressing the intellectual, mental, spiritual, and physical needs for our Black student community and innovatively equipping them with critical skills needed to achieve academic and personal success within and beyond our campus.



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