SA+CD Main Areas

The Division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity provides students with the rich and distinctive experience that is the hallmark of an SDSU education. We create diverse communities and new cultural experiences that inspire students to break down barriers and transform lives, and our guidance and support help them navigate academic, personal and professional success to emerge as our dynamic and global leaders of tomorrow.

Campus Community Affairs

We are focused on building strong relationships and developing inclusive initiatives within and between various campus constituencies. We work closely with leadership across all divisions, colleges, and student organizations to build and maintain relationships with community members and support the University’s efforts around diversity, inclusion and justice. 

Community & Belonging

Advance SDSU’s commitment to student diversity by enriching academic perspectives and advocating for inclusion and belonging for all.

Campus Life and the Office of the Dean of Students

We are focused on ensuring opportunities for community development in which every student can participate in experiential and co-curricular learning endeavors to challenge assumptions and push beyond boundaries for their student success. We support all aspects of campus life with the dual goals of individual student success and a dynamic caring community.

Campus Life

Office of the Dean of Students


SDSU- Imperial Valley

Community Standards, Health and Accessibility

Support student success and the well-being of students by empowering them to attain personal, physical, and emotional health and well-being, supporting and improving accessibility through accommodations and inclusive practices, promoting community health and illness prevention, financial education, and access to basic needs. Also provide access to educational opportunities to local students, educate campus community members about community conduct standards and assist in the development of students as good citizen.

Faculty & Staff Diversity

Elevate, celebrate and support the diverse faculty and staff of San Diego State through professional learning, community building, advocacy, policy recommendations and organizational structures.

Finance & Operations

Promote and support student success and engagement through the strategic allocation of resources and operational support.

HSI & Regional Affairs

Steward the university's commitment to honoring our designation as a proud transborder, Hispanic Serving/Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution residing on Kumeyaay land.  We work closely with leadership across all divisions, colleges, and student organizations to promote awareness, to educate the campus community, to foster a sense of belonging for our Latinx, APIDA, transborder, and native/indigenous faculty staff and students, and to support the opportunities for engagement of our campus and surrounding community in the effort to promote and sustain our HSI/AANAPISI identity. 

Student Financial Resources

The Student Financial Resources area is dedicated to supporting the financial needs of our students. The envisioned Student Financial Management Center will focus on providing financial case management and counseling to students, parents, families and others proactively and successfully address the financial needs of a diverse student body and facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (OFAS) and Student Account Services (SAS). The center will provide exceptional customer service by serving a single point of contact to analyze and resolve questions about financial aid, financial transactions, academic progress, and transactional-based issues.