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The SDSU Connects initiative helps to support students with their needs in a dynamic learning environment by proactively outreaching in a variety of formats. SDSU Connects leaders are here to answer your questions and connect you to resources on campus. We are happy to assist you with any lingering or new questions or concerns you may have. You are encouraged to respond to outreach from our team or you can contact the SDSU Connects Program Manager directly to speak with a representative.

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Please note, you may have an individual question that requires a very specific answer from a particular department on campus. In this case, we will work to connect you with the appropriate office. Please know that university faculty and staff members continue to be a resource to you.

Past Outreach Campaigns:

  • Spring 2021
    • Affinity Groups
      • The Affinity Group campaign is a collaborative effort between SDSU Connects, Career Services, Residential Education, Student Life & Leadership and other Student Affairs and Campus Diversity staff members. Most undergraduate students are part of an Affinity Group based on their class standing and they receive monthly messages from group leaders who offer important updates, engagement opportunities and resources specific to their current year. Staff members offer a personal connection and support to students with any questions or concerns they are navigating.
    • Summer Session 2021 Financial Aid Eligible Outreach Campaign
      • Our team contacted 9,152 students eligible for summer financial aid who were not yet enrolled to encourage them to register and answer questions about summer enrollment.
  • Fall 2020:
    • 1st & 2nd Year Out of State Students
      • Our team sent weekly texts and emails and made phone calls regularly to this group of 1,435 students throughout the Fall semester to check-in and support them with any pressing questions or concerns as well as to ensure they had someone to connect with from campus.
    • 1st & 2nd Year Culturally Diverse Community
      • Our team sent weekly texts and emails and made phone calls regularly to this group of 4,262 students throughout the Fall semester to check-in and support them with any pressing questions or concerns as well as to provide opportunities for cultural connections across campus.
    • Fall 2020 Past Due Balance and C-Hold Impacts to Spring Registration
      • Our team contacted students who had a past due balance that impacted their ability to register for Spring 2021 to inform, assist and refer them accordingly so they would be able to continue their academic progress. 
  • Summer 2020: 
    • Students Admitted from the Waitlist 
      • Our team called students who had been admitted from the waitlist over Summer to confirm their decision and support them with enrollment questions.
    • Eligible and Unregistered Students 
      • Our team made phone calls and sent follow up texts to students who were eligible but not yet registered for Fall 2020 to assist them with any questions or concerns. 
    • Resident Students with Fall Tuition Past Due Balance
      • Our team contacted students to inform, assist and refer them accordingly to address their past due balance.

“I think that has been the best part of being an SDSU Connects peer coach: not only helping students in the COVID transition with school related issues, but also bonding with them on a deeper level to form a truly meaningful connection.” - SDSU Connects Peer Coach, Summer 2020

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jessi moore

Jessi Moore, M.A.

She/Her/Hers | SDSU Connects Program Manager

(619) 354-8124

Jessi received her Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Spanish at Boise State University and her Master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs at San Diego State University. Jessi has worked at SDSU for almost five years with Student Organizations & Activities, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Commuter Life, Aztec Nights and OneSDSU programs prior to becoming the SDSU Connects Coordinator. Jessi is passionate about helping students develop their potential and navigate the university to achieve their goals.