The Diversity Excellence Awards recognize faculty and staff who have shown an exemplary commitment to diversity, inclusion and social justice. All awardees shall be recognized at an Awards Ceremony each spring.

  • Nominations may be received from students, faculty members, administrators, alumni, and other members of the community.
  • A nominee shall have a record of outstanding performance in one or more of the following areas: Student engagement, inclusive curriculum, commitment to social justice, cross-cultural understanding, diverse community service, and/or research.
  • Each nomination may be supported by evidence that includes any or all of the following: (a) a curriculum vitae containing detailed lists of the nominee’s achievements as a teacher, as a member of the profession, and as a member of the campus community, and (b) descriptive and evaluative written statements by present and/or former students, by colleagues in the nominee’s academic discipline, by campus administrators, and by others who are qualified to comment upon the nominee’s contributions. Such written statements should include a brief paragraph identifying the writer and the writer’s qualifications for nominating the candidate.
  • The nominee’s professional accomplishments shall be evaluated for their quality and their contributions to diversity and social justice. The nominee’s teaching and service to the campus and larger community shall be evaluated for their relevance in developing student cultural competence, supporting the attraction and retention of diverse students, and for their overall significance.
  • The faculty award is selected by the Senate Faculty Honors and Awards Committee
  • The staff awards are selected by the Diversity Liaisons
  • 2023: Beth Chung, FCB faculty; Thelma Chavez, staff award.
  • 2022: Allison Vaughn, COS faculty; Jessica Chang, staff award
  • 2021: Nellie Tran, COE faculty and Sweta Sarkar, ENG faculty; Courtney Harmon and Koko Nishi, staff awards
  • 2017: William Tong, COS faculty; Cynthia Torres staff award
  • 2016: Huma Ahmed-Ghosh, CAL faculty; José Preciado staff award
  • 2015: Cathie J. Atkins, COS faculty; Randall Timm staff award
  • 2014: Charles Toombs, CAL faculty; Bobbie Gray staff award
  • 2013: Nola Butler-Byrd, EDU faculty; Janet M. Abbott staff award
  • 2012: Anne Donadey, CAL faculty; Janet Rodgers staff award
  • 2011: (data missing); Mary Shojai staff award
  • 2010: Maria Nieto Senour, EDU faculty; Tanis Starck staff award