Teaching and Supporting the Whole Student

An important aspect of equity-minded teaching and student support is understanding what is happening in students’ lives, as well as knowing about resources to which you may be able to refer students for help with a range of issues. During the 2020-21 academic year, the Center for Inclusive Excellence is offering a weekly brown bag series highlighting the many programs in the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity that provide important support services and enrich all aspects of our students’ experience at SDSU. See the full line-up for event descriptions and registration information. Materials and recordings will be available after each event on this page. Join us to learn how to better support specific student populations, address common student concerns, and get a glimpse into student life during those 150+ hours each week that they are not in a classroom.

Residential Education

Have you ever wondered what happens in those "dorms" across campus? Believe us when we tell you, they are more than a bed for students to sleep in. Come check out our beautiful spaces and learn about how we commit to the development of scholars, leaders, and global citizens. Presenters: Kara Bauer, Ed.D., Executive Director of Residential Education and Cynthia Cervantes, MBA, Executive Director of Housing Administration. 

Career Services (recording, materials)

SDSU Career Services works with campus partners, community partners, and employers to ensure that students have access to the resources and opportunities that support their career readiness and success. This session will provide an overview of our services that include topics such as majors and career, resume development, internships and jobs searches, and graduate school planning. We also highlight student resources such as our online platform, Handshake, and online career assessments such as the Strong Interest Inventory. Finally we will provide information about programming such as the Aztec Mentor Program, our new Social Justice Summit, and our annual Diversity Career Conference. These programs empower students by addressing the intersections of community, identity, and career. Presenters: Eunice Flores, College of Arts & Letters and Professional Studies & Fine Arts Career Development and Program Coordinator; Melissa Gonzalez, Career Development & Diversity Engagement Counselor; Claudia Marinez, Experiential Learning Specialist; James Tarbox, Executive Director of Career Services

Commuter Life (recording)

In order to strengthen commuter student success at San Diego State University, assessment-driven initiatives have been designed and delivered by cross-divisional partners over the last decade. Join us to find out about Commuter Student Success Pathways and co-curricular programming that aims to enhance the out-of-classroom experience for non-residential first and second year students, as well as strategies for faculty and staff who want to better support our commuter population. Presenters: Caryl Montero-Adams, Director of Student Life & Leadership, and Rogelio Becerra Songolo, Assistant Director, Student Life & Leadership for Commuter Life

Fraternity & Sorority Life (recording)

Encompassing approximately 12% of the SDSU undergraduate student population, the fraternity and sorority community provides members a sense of belonging and the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. This presentation will review leadership development endeavors that students involved with Fraternity & Sorority Life may experience on our campus, specifically in the co-curricular environment. Presenters: Caryl Montero-Adams, Director of Student Life & Leadership, and Matthew Garcia, Assistant Director, Student Life & Leadership for Fraternity & Sorority Life

Student Organizations (recording)

Student organizations and activities create community and connection to support the success of students. Learn about the annual recognition process for student organizations, how the Student Life and Leadership Team supports student events and activities, and how faculty and staff can get involved as advisors and mentors. Presenters: Caryl Montero-Adams, Director of Student Life & Leadership, and Kevin Araujo-Lipine, Assistant Director, Student Life & Leadership for Student Organizations & Activities

Glazer Center for Leadership & Service (recording)

Creating strong leaders is more important now than ever. SDSU’s Jeffrey W. Glazer Center for Leadership & Service provides an array of leadership development opportunities for our students. Join us to learn about programs, including workshops, retreats and conferences, and to meet the staff members who lead these events. Presenters: Caryl Montero-Adams, Director of Student Life & Leadership, and Chelsea Winer, Student Life Advisor, Leadership & Service

EOP (recording, materials)

The Office of Educational Opportunity Programs and Ethnic Affairs (EOP) is a student success program which serves students from low income backgrounds and historically underserved communities by providing innovative and transitional services that facilitate the successful recruitment, retention and development of scholars and leaders as they persist toward a university degree. Come learn with us how students come to be part of EOP, the different programs and services offered, and how you can support EOP students. Presenters: Miriam C. Castañón, Director of EOP; Dr. Henry Villegas, Associate Director of EOP; Shareka White, Assistant Director of EOP.

Native Resource Center (recording)

The Native Resource Center will discuss the importance of celebrating Indigenous People's Day and Native American Heritage month. Learn about the resources being offered by the NRC as well as the events happening in November around Native American Heritage Month. Presenter: Chris Medellin, Director, Native Resource Center

Counseling & Psyschological Services (recording)

Academic performance can be negatively impacted by traumatic experiences and mental health concerns. Counseling & Psychological Services has a range of options to help enhance students’ ability to cope. This session will elucidate services as well as how to support students in distress and make appropriate referrals. Presenters: Jennifer Rikard, Ph.D., Director, Counseling & Psychological Services; Michael Juan, Ph.D., Associate Director, Counseling & Psychological Services

Pride Center (recordingslides

Are you interested in making your learning environment as inclusive as possible for gender non-conforming students? This workshop will provide an overview of the cornerstones that will help improve the classroom experience for all students by moving away from binary thinking. A few topics that will be covered are understanding sex and gender, gender-inclusive language, pronouns and preferred names, as well recommendations for the first day of class. This workshop is for anyone creating learning environments for a diverse group of students. Presenters: Dr. Jess Whatcott (Women’s Studies); Dr. Catherine Clune-Taylor (Women’s Studies); Dr. Amira Jarmakani (Women’s Studies); Wesley Palau, Assistant Director, Pride Center; Anne Guanciale, Director, Pride Center

Center for Transformative Justice (recording)

What is Mass Incarceration, the Prison Industrial Complex, and most importantly, Transformative Justice? How does SDSU's Project Rebound support people impacted by past involvement with the criminal justice system? How do they recover from adverse experiences, reclaim their lives, and give back to their communities? Is this process open to others? To allies? To new participants? Tune in, invite your friends, and learn the answers to these questions and more, straight from the people most directly involved in the transformative process.

ECRT (recording, materials)

Learn about how ECRT can connect students to food, housing, and financial resources to support student success and well-being. ECRT coordinators will provide an overview of the program and the basic needs of students, commonly utilized resources, and how to refer students to ECRT.

Well-being & Health Promotion (recording, materials)

Understand the available student resources designed to empower students toward healthier decisions, increase access to health insurance and off-campus care, and create an environment that promotes and informs student well-being. Presenter: Stephanie Waits Galia, Director of Well-being & Health Promotion

Dispelling Latina/e/o/x Myths and Misconceptions (recording, materials)

This conversation addresses misconceptions about the Latina/e/o/x community as a monolithic block, and engages attendees in a discussion about the cultural, racial, religious and social diversity within Latin American and diaspora, and the importance of challenging monolithic narratives.

Educational Outreach/Compact for Success (recording, materials)

An overview of the programs and services offered within the Center to include Academic Advising, Compact for Success, Compact Scholars, Early Assessment Program, Price Community Scholars and other partnerships and collaborations in support of outreach and student success programmatic efforts.

Women's Resource Center (recording, materials

Learn about the ways you can stay connected to the WRC community and programs through a virtual setting! Our programs include support for: all students interested in feminism and gender justice, survivors of sexual violence and allies, pregnant and parent students, and womxn in STEM. We will also give an overview of Women's History Month (March 2021) and Take Back the Week (April 12-16, 2021).

Immigration Status And Your Students: Free Legal Services (recording, slides)

The Undocumented Resource Center (URC) was established to assist SDSU students who are from mixed immigration status and undocumented. We have a partnership with Jewish Family Service of San Diego (JFS), through its Higher Education Legal Services (HELS) program, and they are excited to continue to provide FREE immigration legal services to undocumented students, faculty, and staff.


Collaborating Towards a Culture of Disability Inclusion and Accessibility at SDSU

In this session attendees will learn and discuss ways in which all staff and faculty can collaborate to provide a culture of inclusion and accessibility for all students with disabilities. 

APIDA Center: We Are Here!

Learn about the newly established SDSU APIDA Resource Center which offers programs and services to APIDA students, faculty, and staff. Learn ways to partner with us and help us support and strengthen the SDSU APIDA community. We are here! 

Assisting Students in Making Positive Contributions to SDSU and the Greater Community (recording)

Learn about the student disciplinary process that directly impacts over 3,000 students per year, while assisting the academic and inclusive missions of the University.

Student Health Services (recording)

For the last year, Student Health Services has been at the forefront of the campus' response to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing testing and now vaccines to our residential and local students, in addition to continuing our usual range of medical and health services, programs and support. Come learn more about what we do at SHS and how faculty and staff can help students maintain healthy lives in support of their personal and academic success.

Military and Veterans Program (MVP) at SDSU: An Overview of the Scope, Functions, and Services (recording)(slides)

SDSU serves more than 4400 students who come out of the unique cultural and social background of the military community. Listen to a conversation with Todd Kennedy, Director of the Military and Veterans Program at SDSU as he provides an overview of the history of the University's long connection with the military; the breadth, scope, and impact of this population; and the support and services provided by the University which foster their academic success. 

Welcoming New Students and Parent(s)/Family Supporters to SDSU, but wait there's more! (recording)

The Office of New Student and Parent Programs provides a successful orientation and transition experience to the University for new students and parent(s)/family supporters through a variety of programs and services. These programs and services include; New Student Orientation, Parent and Family Orientation, SDSU Ambassadors, New Student and Family Convocation, Welcome Week(s), Family Weekend and campus tours just to name a few. We partner and work collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, and administrators across the University to put on these orientation, transition and retention programs that ultimately support the success of SDSU students.