Commit to Creating a Welcoming and Safe Climate for SDSU's Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Community

Take the Pledge

How the SDSU APIDA Pledge Works (#SDSUAPIDAPledge)

apida circular logo with dragon Pledge to create a welcoming and safe climate for our APIDA communities. Help us abolish hate. To participate in the Pledge, please do the following:

  • Sign up to complete the pledge here:
  • Follow us on Instagram at @sdsuapidacenter and/or on Facebook at Tell others to follow us as well. Spread the word - let others know we are here!  
  • Join the SDSU APIDA Resource Center contact list:
  • Perform at least one task from each of the three activities listed below.
  • Complete the google form indicating which activities you have completed:
    Optional: To help spread awareness, please post a picture or video of yourself completing the three activities on Instagram with #SDSUAPIDAPledge and tag @sdsuapidacenter. 
  • Receive a virtual badge and/or a sticker (when supplies are available.) Proudly display to spread awareness. Note: You may complete the pledge multiple times to get multiple stickers. 

The SDSU APIDA Resource Center strives to increase the voice and visibility of APIDA students, faculty, and staff. Support the Center and their partners. Pledge to do one or more of the following:

  • Make a donation to the SDSU APIDA Resource Center (the Program Fund directly supports Center initiatives; the Care Fund provides basic needs support to students)
  • Attend and/or amplify an event hosted by the SDSU APIDA Resource Center, an APIDA student organization, and/or an APIDA or Bayanihan Employee Resource Group. Post pictures on social media and encourage others to attend as well. Remember to tag @sdsuapidacenter and/or the student organization.
  • Patron the businesses of APIDA communities which includes restaurants, shops, the arts, etc. Share on social media and recommend to others. 

APIDA folks have been an integral part of the U.S. narrative for generations; yet, their stories and achievements have often been overlooked, diminished, and/or ignored. This marginalization allows for xenophobia, racism, scapegoating, etc. Learn about APIDA experiences. Pledge to do one or more of the following:

  • Watch the PBS five-part series entitled, “Asian Americans.” This documentary describes the history of identity, contributions, and challenges experienced by Asian Americans.
  • Read current literature about the APIDA experience and the politics of racism. 
  • Register for a course in Asian American history:
    ASIAN 422 or HIST 422: Asian American Experiences;
    ASIAN 425: The Vietnam War; 
    ASIAN 460: Contemporary Issues in Filipino-American Communities
  • Register for a course in Asian studies or languages - Please know that that this is distinct from studying Asian American history and experiences:
    SDSU Center for Asian and Pacific Studies offers courses and degree programs in Asian studies, Chinese studies, and Japan studies;
    SDSU Department of Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages offers courses and degree programs in Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, and Korean languages. 
  • Participate in and use the SDSU APIDA Center’s #RISEwithAPIDA campaign on your social media: 
    Read an APIDA-centered text, which includes books, articles, etc.
    Interview an APIDA-identified person, which includes friends, family members, colleagues experts, etc.
    See an APIDA-centered show, which includes movies, TV shows, videos, etc.
    Engage with an APIDA-centered resource including workshops, lectures, concerts, art shows, etc.

Now more than ever, it is important to stand up for, and actively reach out to, the APIDA community. Pledge to do one or more of the following:

  • Attend the SDSU APIDA Resource Center’s “Let’s Be Better Together!” training. This workshop is the prelude to the forthcoming APIDA Allyship program. See Calendar and/or Instagram for current events.
  • Attend one or more of the Hollaback and Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ) free trainings on bystander intervention, conflict de-escalation, etc. 
  • Read the article, “How to Respond to Racial Microaggressions When They Occur,” then attend a Center for Inclusive Excellence workshop on “Responding to Microaggressions” to practice being an upstander.
  • Draw attention to anti-Asian hate and condemn it. For example, share news on social media and/or reach out to folks you know and have intentional conversations about what is happening to the APIDA communities. Make these issues widely known. If you are a faculty and/or staff member, acknowledge and address anti-Asian hate incidents in your classes and/or meetings. 
  • Check in on people who identify as APIDA. Make sure they are okay. Help them seek out support if needed (refer people to SDSU Counseling and Psychological Services if needed). 
  • [For Faculty] Make your course more inclusive and representative by including at least one course assignment that is relevant to the APIDA experience, history, cultural and/or well-being. For example, require students to read a text addressing APIDA perspectives, invite APIDA guest speakers, etc. Contact the Center for Inclusive Excellence for additional guidance.

Join these members of the SDSU community in committing your support:

Adela de la Torre, Ph.D., President of San Diego State University
Nicole Belisle, Ph.D., Associate Chief Diversity Officer for Strategic Initiatives
Monica J. Casper, Ph.D., Dean of College of Arts and Sciences.
Tony C. Chung, Associate Vice President of Enterprise Information Systems
Y. Barry Chung, Ph.D., Dean of College of Education
John Crockett, Ph.D., Associate Vice President of Research Advancement
Andrea Dooley, Ed.D. Associate Vice President for Health, Well-being & Accessibility
La Monica Everett-Haynes, Ph.D., Associate Vice President and CCO of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs
Eric Hansen, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Business Operations
Christian Holt, President of Associated Students
Steven P. Hooker, Ph.D., Dean of College of Health and Human Services
Stefan Hyman, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
Jennifer Imazeki, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Faculty and Staff Diversity
Crystal Little, Interim Associate Vice President for Financial Operations
Virginia Loh-Hagan, Ed.D., Director of the APIDA Resource Center
Hala Madanat, Ph.D., Interim Vice President for Research and Innovation
Isabella Martelino, Executive Vice President of Associated Students
Jessica Nare, Assistant Vice President for Community and Belonging
Salvador Hector Ochoa, Ph.D., Provost and Senior Vice President
Gregorio Ponce, Ed.D., Dean of SDSU - Imperial Valley
Mark B. Reed, Ph.D., Interim Associate Vice President for Research Operations
Jessica Rentto, J.D., Associate Vice President of Administration
Christy Samarkos, Associate Vice President for Community Partnerships
Peggy Shannon, Ph.D., Dean of College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts
Jerry Sheehan, Vice President for Information Technology
Jeanne Stronach, Assistant Vice President of Analytic Studies & Institutional Research
Randy Timm, Ed.D., Assistant Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students
Emilio Ulloa, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Students and Campus Climate
Adrienne Vargas, Vice President for University Relations and Development
Henry Villegas, Ph.D., Interim Dean of Students for SDSU - Imperial Valley
Scott Walter, Ph.D., Dean of University Library
Agnes Wong Nickerson, Interim Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs
J. Luke Wood, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity


Abraham Perez
Adam Armolea
Adam C. Adams
Adam Renteria
Adora Nobuo
Adora Nobuo
Adrianne Wagner
Adrienne Hotaling
Adrienne Vargas
Aida Shadfan
Aizel Agustino
Alan Mobley
Alana Dillette
Alanie Abron
Aleigha Binda
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alessa Becerra
Alessandra Costigliola
Alex Dimoff
Alex Jang
Alex Kim
Alex Reyes
Alex Wong
Alexa d'Heilly
Alexa Lawrence
Alexa Sand-Villeda
Alexandra Curella
Alexandra Estrada Corrales
Alexandra Estrada Corrales
Alexandra McElwee-Adame
Alexandria Neiman
Alexandria Willis
Alexis Harris
Alexsandra Simmons
Alexsandra Simmons
Alfredo Leano
Alicia Leon
Alicia M. Kinoshita
Alicia Stevers
Alina Mirza
Alise Smith
Alisha Patel
Alison J. Sternal
Alison Williams
Allison Bailund
Allison Newlee
Allison Vaughn
Alma Villatoro
Alyson Abel
Alyssa Dharmawan
Amanda Alker
Amanda Castro
Amanda Dougherty
Amanda Garcia
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Keller
Amanda Lanthorne
Amanda Ng
Amanda Orozco
Amanda Orozco
Amanda Simons
Amanda Vidri
Amran Mohamed
Amy Liliana Rojas
Amy M Tappen
Amy Patamakomol
Amy Randel
Amy Rascop
Amy Schmitz Weiss
Amy Wong
Ana-Victoria Sanchez-Diez
Anahi Aragon
Andi Rasmussen
Andrea Headlee
Andrea Parashos
Andres Olivas
Andrew Boring
Andrew L Cooksy
Andrew Mutsalklisana
Andrew Young
Angel Rocha
Angela Tran
Angelica Hernandez
Angelica Oberleithner
Angelina Lopez
Angie Miyashiro-Saipaia
Anibal Roberto Garcia Santiago
Anna Abraham Gasaway
Anna Brown Massey
Anna Chen
Annalisa Berta
Anne Donadey
Anne E. McMills
Anne Guanciale
Anne-Marie Beck
Annika Elisabet Frieberg
Anthony Hinckley
Anthony Lagar
Anthony Nguyen
Antoinette Domingo
Antonio Faustino Jr
Antony Noyes
April Joy Payumo
April Ranches
April Tellez
Ariana Alvarado
Ariana Carvajal
Arianna Alvarado
Ariel Jasmine Sabas
Arinze Ekeomodi
Arissa Chang
Arlene Elane
Armando Alejandro Zaragoza
Arnel Aguinaldo
Arnold Wayne Ayap
Ashian Kumar
Ashland Aldrich
Ashland Aldrich
Ashley Tejada
Ashley Zheng
Atilio V. Alicio
Aubrey Kwong
Audrey Chuakay
Audrey Garces
Austin Steven Barber
Autumn Hankinson
Ava Schroeder
Azim Khan
Barbara Moss
Barbara Perez
Barry Lomibao, Jr.
Beatriz Hernandez
Beatriz Yumul
Beatriz Yumul
Beatriz Yumul
Becky Ryan
Belinda Gomez
Belinda Gomez
ben mondloch
Benjamin C. Jenkins
Benji Jensen
Bernadette Smith
Beth Sherman
Bethany Harris
Betty Lee
Betty Samraj
Bianca Chau
Bianca Silva
Bobby Smitheran
Bonnie Kraemer
Bonnie Reddick
Brenda Portillo
Brenna Leon
Brenna McClung
Brennan Terhune-Cotter
Brent Taylor
Brenton Wilder
Brett Torres
Brian Bi
Brian Blake
Brian Christensen
Brian D. Moore
Brian Hentschel
Brian Nguyen
Briana Dallo
Brianne Palmer
Briseida Ramirez
Brittany Lam
Brooke Baker
Brooke Bartlett
Brooklyn Goodwin
Bryan Bello
Bryan R Bolzenthal
Bryan Spencer
Bryce Tomecek
Caesar Santos
Caili Anderson
Caitlin Heisler
Cali Linfor
Cali Tolbert
 Callie Corzine
Calvin Antunez
Candy Carson
Candy Flynn
Cara Yoo
Carissa Fong
Carlos Careaga
Carol Mackersie
Carolina Esquer
Carolina Mejia
Carolina Vasquez
Caroline Bartolome
Carolyn Sanders
Carrie Dada
Carrie House
Caryl E. Montero-Adams
Casey Johnson
Cassandra Ira
Cassiopeia Guthrie
Catherine Dang
Cathie J. Atkins
Cecile Nedellec
Cecilia Benaglia
Chandler Smith
Chantel Paul
Charles Edmund Degeneffe
Charlotta Robertson
Chelsey Abry
Chelsie Miller
Cheryl O'Brien
Chia Her
Chitra Gopalakrishnan
Chloe Sobolewski
Chris Curtis
Chris Medellin
Chris Mi
Chris Turntine
Christal Sohl
Christian Cordon
Christian Holt
Christie Jimenez
Christie Pearson
Christie Ritter
Christina George
Christina George
Christina Hilley
Christina Jeffries
Christina Lancey
Christina Lopez
Christina Ryan Rodriguez
Christine Dykstra
Christine Ho
Christine Molina
Christopher Nayve
Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Toomey
Christy Kirsch
Christy Quiogue
Christy Samarkos
Chun-Ta Lai
Chuyun Oh
Ciara Gonzalez
Cindy Clements Page
Clair Aragon
Claire Jones-Ruman
Claire Jones-Ruman
Claire Norberg
Claire Theroux
Clare Girtler
Clarissa Clò
Clarissa Michelsen
Claudia Martinez
Collette Pella
Collin Bratzler
Congcong Zheng
Constance Grämlich
Cora Shapiro
Corinne Goria
Courtney Campbell
Courtney Carter
Courtney Harmon
Courtney Loo
Cristina Salvatierra
Crystal Clark
Crystal Little
Crystle Alonzo
Cynthia A Torres
cynthia castillon
Cynthia E. Pascal
Cynthia Rico
Cynthia Webb
D.J. Hopkins
Daisy Rodriguez Pitel
Dale Lee
Damian Pangelinan
Dan Bacon
dane picard
Dani Bedau
Daniel Duxbury
Daniel Knorr
Daniela Linares
Danielle Berman
Danika Tei
Danny Oliveira
Danny Van
Daphne Joie B. Calaguas
Darlene Bych
Darrell Pugh
Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson
David Goldberg
David Marx
David Noll
Daylon Hawn
Debbie Brighton
Deborah Southard
Debra Hills-Beckwith
Deepali Karina Ernest
Delaney Barnes
Denay Stevenson
Deniece Hasson
Denise Maxwell
Denise Montes
Denise Obrero
Denishia Clark
Denitsa Bliznakova
Derek lucus
Desiree Warren
Devon Berkheiser
Diana Leong
Diana Osborn
Diana Sandoval
Diana Wong Saldivar
Diane Foote
Diane K. Smith
Diane Marin
Diego Ceballos
Diego Juarez
Diego Wells
Dinnah Donato-Palmore
[email protected]
Dolores Becerra
Domenique Maj
Donald A Kirson
Donatella Zona
Donna Castañeda
Donna Silvar
Doreen Hemmati
Dr. Carlos J. Minor
Dr. Cassandra Drake
Dr. Helen V. Griffith
Dr. Kathryn M. Barker
Dr. Lee Mintz
Dr. Wellington
Dr.Karen Bridges
Dustin Adkins
Dustin Thoman
Duy Ke Nguyen
Dylan Meisner
Ed Legaspi
Edmond Perkins
Eileen Moore
Elana Metz
Elana Metz
Elena Dsouza
Elisabeth Thurber
Elise Mae Billosillo
Elizabeth A. Pecsi
Elizabeth Bridges
Elizabeth Cordero
Elizabeth Dieguez
Elizabeth Lynch
Elizabeth R. Waters
Elizabeth Valocchi
Ellie Peterson
Eloy Perez Perez
Elvia Banuelos
Elyssa Aguirre
Emilio C. Ulloa
Emily Ahnin


Emily Akers
Emily Carmichall
Emily J Sutherland
Emily Kattawar
Emily Mickelson
Emily N. Beach
Emily Schmied
Emily Schuckman Matthews
Emily Sparks
Emily Tieu
Emma Bray
Emma Churchill
Emma Fitzgerald
Emma N Kerr
Emma Schumacher
Enaly Nguyen
Ennie Marie Ilasco
Eric G. Ekdale
Eric Hansen
Eric Pamintuan
Eric Smigel
Eric Trus
Erica Alcantara Aros
Erica Tavivun Sisouphanthong
Erick O. Bell, CPA
Erik Good
Erika Granados
Erika Peterson
Erin Radclyffe
Erin Riley
Erin Scholes
Erin Togerson
Esther Rothblum
Ethan Agbayani
Ethan Carr
Eugene Olevsky
Eunha Hoh
Eva Parrill
Evelyn Dowling
Evelyn L. Meza
Evie Page
Eyal Oren
Fatimah Muhammad
Felicia V. Black
Fernando Silva
Fernie Leticia Salvatierra
Fianca Nicole C Banca
Fion Lee
flo pierce
Florence Miquel
Floyd Lai, CSUSM Cross-Cultural Center, Director
Frances Nedjat-Haiem
Francisco (Frankie) Velazquez
Frankie Gutierrez
Fred Nelson
Freddy B. Ramirez
Fredy Gomez
Frida-Sofia Mendoza
Frida-Sofia Mendoza
Fryda osuna
Gabriel Adam Serrano
Gabriel Njock
Gabriella Kalbach
Gabrielle Durand
Garrett Spaugh
Gayle Lamey Neville
Geenee Gonzales
Gene G. Lamke
Genel Ronquillo
Gener Abdon
Giaky Nguyen
Giancarlo Taylor
Giang Pham
Gianna Ackley
Giannela Gonzales
Gina Cota
Ginny Youjin Lee
Giselle Garcia Reyes
Gladie Jaffe
Glen McClish
Gloria Polo
Gloria Rhodes
Gloria Tan
Gregorio Ponce
Gregory Penetrante
Gretel Rodriguez
Griselda Palma, Ph. D.
Guadalupe Barajas
Guan Liu
Guoyu Emma Wang
H. Allie Carter
Hailey Devlin
Hailey Lapine
Halan Stanfield
Hanna Zaitz
Hannah Chou
Hannah Kaleigh Green
Hannah Marquez
Hannah Rabena
Hannah Reynolds
Harsimran Baweja
Hasti Asl
Heather Bendinelli
Heather Canary
Heather Corliss
Heather De Munn
Heather Hawkins
Heather Lee
Heaven Teferra
Heidi Doyle
Heidi Poon
Helen Dang
Helen Ma
Henrike Blumenfeld
Henry Cohn-Geltner
Henry Maxfield
Henry Villegas
Hien Trinh
Himani singh
Holly Lopez
Holly Piscopo
Hongmei Shen
 Hunter Disidoro
Ian Ruston
Idara Essien
Ignatius Nip
Ikram Aweys
Ingrid Salazar
Interested Party
Intisam Mohamed
Irene Lara
Irina Potapova
Isabel Nerenberg
Isaiah Aquino
Isela Martinez SanRoman
Isis Exum
Ivan Noriega
Ixchel Samson
Jack Erb
Jackie Fuller
Jackson Motchar
Jacqueline A. Ignatova
Jacqueline Banal
Jacqueline Lowe
Jacqueline Ryan-Rojas
Jacquelyn D Miller
Jacquelyn Grier
Jaehee Park
Jaemin Kim
Jaevante Valenciano
Jaevante Valenciano
Jaime Hodge
Jaime Lennox
Jairo Manrique
Jake Czubinski
Jalene Buschini
Jalene Buschini
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James Noonan
Jamie Pelusi
Jamie Rogers
Jamil Malik
Janelle Singson
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Janet Azmoun
Janet Castro
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Jashan Gill
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Jeanette R. Shumaker
Jeanne Stronach
Jeet Singh Dhindsa
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Jeff Wang
Jeffrey Cardinez
Jeffrey Cardinez
Jeffrey Roberts
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Jenelle de Jesus
Jenna Levasseur
Jenna Mancilla
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Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Aguiar
Jennifer Christensen
Jennifer Clifford
Jennifer Cosio
Jennifer Duis
Jennifer Kerwin
Jennifer Lundgren
Jennifer Majors
Jennifer Murray
Jennifer Robinson, Ph.D.
Jennifer Schenkenfelder
Jennifer Suggs
Jennifer Swann
Jennifer Tucker-Tatlow
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Jessica Alter
Jessica Alter
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Juan Carlos Jimenez-Cruz
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Kacee Van Konynenburg
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Kaitlin Chau
Kaitlyn Shirley
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Kaleigh Lacouture
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Kalpitha Narayana Moorthy
Kara Bauer
Kara Peterson
Kara Suarez
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Karen Estrada
Karen Koss
Karenina Zaballa
Karey Sabol
Kari Sant
Kariar Al-Naiem
Karin Norgard-Sumnicht
Karina Elizabeth Vidrio Meza
Karina Esteban
Karis Bailey
Karith Meyers
Karla M Wynn
Karly Cunningham
Karly Mahumed
Karolina Sanchez
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Kassidy Villarino
Kate Cardle
Kate Schwab
Katherine Ronsairo
Katherine Spilde
Kathleen Kelley
Kathryn L. May-Herrmann
Kathryn Ortiz
Kathryn Valentine
Kathryn Victoria Kosuth-Wood
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Katie Mercer
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Kimberly de Berzunza
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Kimberly Lemus
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Koko Nishi, Psy.D
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Kristen McKibben
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Lily Kraus
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Linda Gordon
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Lisa Carney Farwell
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Litzy Vázquez Torres
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Liza Bennett
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Lluvia Flores-Renteria
Lorenzo Sianez Jr
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Lori Czop Assaf
Lori J Sipe
Lori Loftin
Lori Tuttle
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Lourdes Ramirez
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Madeline Gibson
Madeline Gibson
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Madison Wong
Madison Wong
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Marcos Demello
Marcus Jackson
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María Luisa Zúñiga
Maria Perez-Gonzalez
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Mariam Hussain, M.S.
Mariano Lozano
Mariclare Newsom
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Mariela Ayala
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Marilyn Prall
Marisela Reyes Pentico
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Marissa Marshall
Marissa Rodriguez
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Maya Arlyne Rodriguez
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Melinda Gonzalez
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Meseker Bassa
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Patty lawrence
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Rebecca Nee
Rebecca Nee
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Sara Costello
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Stefania Gochicoa
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Stephanie Brunson
Stephanie Dathe
Stephanie Frame
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Stephanie Ngo
Stephanie Ries
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Stocking
Stephanie Wells
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Steve Cisneros
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Sunny Koski Scott
Susan D Nickerson
Susan Levy
Susan Nguyen
Susan Poser
Susan Prater
Susan Shamoon
Suzanne Finch
Suzette Encabo
Sydney Pate
Sylvia F. Pino
Taekjin Shin
Tam Lieu
Tamara Collins-Parks
Tamiel McKee Bey
Tammi Marshall
Tammy Blackburn
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Xiaofeng Xu
Xiaofeng Xu
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