Muslim ERG

Mission Statement:

The Muslim Faculty and Staff Resource Group (MFSRG) plans to cultivate connections between faculty, staff, and students to increase relationships by reducing Islamophobia through professional development and the development of programs and learning opportunities campus-wide.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Supporting the creation of professional development and programs aimed at reducing Islamophobia on campus
  • Create a platform to openly discuss challenges and opportunities that hinder and support Muslim Faculty and Staff, as well as provide opportunities to build a culture of mutual respect and empathy by fostering relationships and building connections of understanding with students
  • Promote advocacy regarding barriers around diversity and equity of Muslim Faculty and Staff and San Diego State University
  • Enhancing career opportunities for new and current Muslim Faculty and Staff
  • Supporting the creation of more Cultruraly responsive Muslim friendly Halal Food retail dining options at San Diego State University  
  • Supporting the ongoing creation of Ramadan programming 

Statement of Solidarity with the Black Community at SDSU:

The Muslim Faculty and Staff Resource Group (MFSRG) remains committed to dismantling systems designed to impact members of our community negatively. We firmly commit to actions in the following ways:

  • Embed an anti-Racist and trauma-informed approach in our work -Investigate ways racism shows up in our SDSU community
  • Recognize the impacts of Racial Battle Fatigue and radicalized trauma at SDSU and identify resources for faculty, staff, and students  
  • Support and amplify the voices of members who are impacted by systemic racism and pervasive anti-Blackness at SDSU
  • Engage in action-oriented dialogue aimed to educate partners that will engage with more than a 'Statement of Support'
  • Create professional development opportunities that show the historical relationship between anti-Blackness and Islamophobia