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In support of the Graduation Initiative 2025 and the university’s commitment to reducing the
achievement gap, the Freshmen Success and Parent Engagement (FSPE) program seeks to
implement an innovative academic and social/emotional support program for first-time
freshmen students identified as needing additional support in GE written communication
and/or mathematics. The overall goal of the program is to provide holistic support to ensure
students not only feel connected and supported by the university, but that they also receive the
academic support they need to succeed.

The program also includes a parent engagement piece. Parent participation is often limited to a
one-day parent summer orientation session. Through FSPE we will offer extended in-depth
workshops for parents to continue learning about the resources available to them and their

Freshman Guide to Success

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoom Recording: Virtual Academic Success Welcome Reception

Presentation (PDF): Virtual Academic Success Welcome Reception