Transition Programs

Chancellor’s Office Initiatives


In support of the Graduation Initiative 2025 and the university’s commitment to increasing 4 year graduation rates, the Undeclared Freshmen Success & Parent Engagement Program seeks to increase 4 year graduation plans of Undeclared freshmen students, create a greater feeling of community and higher academic performance among students who participate in the program as well as increase parent engagement and communication with this specific population.

The Undeclared Student Success freshman workshop and Mentor program would provide focused sequenced workshops that introduce undeclared first-time freshmen to important university resources and policies one at a time. Students who complete the entire series of the workshops will be honored at the end of the year and will receive a certificate of completion and program polo shirt. These students will be invited to serve as mentors for the following year’s undeclared freshmen both during summer orientation and during the following academic year’s workshops.

In support of the Graduation Initiative 2025 and the university’s commitment to reducing the achievement gap, the First-Generation Freshmen and Parent Engagement Program seeks to build upon Orientation and include a new Parent Engagement component for First-Generation Students.

The First-Generation Freshmen & Parent Engagement Programs is an opportunity for first-generation freshmen and their parents to become better acquainted with campus resources, first-generation staff, faculty, and campus administrators. Through structured workshops and program activities, students and their parents will acquire a deeper understanding of what academic and non-academic practices ensure student success.

The program is envisioned to be an academic year-long program with structured monthly workshops and activities for first-generation freshmen students and their parents. The program will begin in the summer as a half-day summit with follow up workshops every month during the academic year. The program would conclude with an end of year reception, celebrating the success of students and both student and parent program completion. The end of semester reception will take place in April 2021.