High School Conferences

The Center for Intercultural Relations proudly supports SDSU's multicultural organizations in holding conferences for prospective college students by providing resources and a community in which to thrive. To learn more about each high school conference, click on the organization names below: 

Mission: to encourage high school students to pursue higher education and to find their identities, especially through culture. 

Mission: to promote a greater appreciation for academic success and ultimately serve as an inspirational drive for young members of the Asian Pacific community to pursue a higher education. 

Mission: to showAfrikan students a glimpse of the black experience at SDSU, and also what resources SDSU has to offer them.
Mission: to encourage students to pursue a higher education and be involved on campus

Mission: to promote higher education to underprivileged youth through cultural consciousness, political awareness, and community involvement. By underprivileged youth, we mean specifically targeting but not limiting ourselves to: AB540 students, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), First generation college students, working-class/low-income students, and students of color. 

Mission: to allow Muslim students who may be considering coming to SDSU to preview the Muslim community as well as the Muslim Student Association at SDSU. We want to encourage them to learn about higher education and get to know the resources available to them through SDSU and the MSA. We also want to make it memorable for them by spending the day playing fun team-building activities and strengthening their Muslim identity. 

Mission: to encourage students to pursue higher education. To recruit more Native students at SDSU.

Mission: to encourage high school students to pursue a higher education and to shed light on important Pacific Islander issues that are happening today. Other goals are to be able to reach out to other schools that we may have never invited and open the conference to all students instead of limiting ourselves to high schools with Pacific Islander groups. 

Mission: to encourage high school students, especially those from mainly Hispanic areas, to pursue STEM careers and awareness.