How to Find an Internship

The most successful internship searches use a number of strategies and approaches. Career Services has many resources to faciliate a successful internship search throughout the year to help you find and secure an internship.

Resources for a successful internship search

Importance of Networking

Networking is key to a successful internship search. Create a LinkedIn account and connect with employers, faculty, friends, and family.

Internship Search Timeline

It is never too early to start searching for internships. Many employers start as early as the fall semester recruiting for summer internship positions. Other interships may fill any time of year.

There are internships for every class level, from freshman to senior.  Read Climb to Your Career in Four Yearsa NACE article that outlines career success tips for each year.

Don't wait! Start looking now!

What internship will suit you best?

Being strategic about the internship search includes knowing yourself: your interests, strengths, and valuesCareer Counselors can recommend assessments tools to help you learn about yourself and review the results with you to help you figure out what internship suits you best!