Professional Dress and Appearance

Present yourself in a professional manner when interviewing. Your appearance affects how others evaluate you, your work style, attitude, and level of interest in a particular position. Additionally, professional dress helps build confidence and self-esteem, increasing the likelihood of interviewing success. Appearance matters!

The following instructions depict some guidelines for dressing appropriately in most interview settings. For more information, consult the 'interviewing' section of the Career Resources library or speak with a career counselor.

Recommended Clothing

  • Dark-colored outerwear
  • Non-revealing, non-flashy top
  • Tailored or well-fitting bottoms with a plain belt if needed
  • Tie with a simple pattern
  • Clothing without stains, wrinkles and lint
  • Socks with a plain design or simple pattern that match the rest of the outfit
  • Closed-toe, comfortable and non-flashy shoes (e.g. dress shoes, pumps, loafers or flats)

Other recommendations

  • Neat hairstyle
  • Minimal jewelry and facial pierings
  • Subtle perfume or cologne
  • No food or gum