On-Campus Job Opportunities

Every year, thousands of San Diego State students work on campus. From the SDSU Bookstore to the Aztec Recreation Center (ARC) and from department offices to the library, students take advantage of the flexibility and experience available in campus jobs.

Through Handshake, Career Services lists many additional part-time jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities across campus. Many opportunities are also available through listings posted on campus and in department offices.

Hundreds of jobs are not filled until after classes begin, and jobs are available throughout the academic year. Log in to Handshake for on-campus job listings.

Why work on campus?

  • Flexible schedules: Campus employers know that you are a student first, which is why they offer flexible work hours. You can be sure to find a job that will fit your schedule.
  • Walk to work: You are already here. Working on campus saves time and gas.
  • Special benefits: Different jobs have different benefits. Some come with discounts on books or free food. Others let you work at concert or games. Still others let you work directly with faculty members or other campus administrators.
  • Make new friends: Working on campus allows you to meet new people you might otherwise never get to know!
  • Work experience: Campus jobs provide valuable work experience and references that you can use later when applying for internships or career track positions.

On-campus work locations include:

Work study

The Federal Work Study (FWS) Program is a part-time employment program designed to help undergraduate and graduate students meet the cost of attendance. Certain campus jobs are only available to students who qualify for Work Study. Your eligibility for the program is determined as part of your application for financial aid.