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(Sororities Invested in Survior Support, Training and ending Rape Culture)

SISSTER students sitting by the turtle pond

Sororities Invested in Survior Support, Training and ending Rape CultureSISSTER is a Peer Health Education program specifically for SDSU sorority women. The goal of this program is to increase awareness about rape, potential rape situations, and sexually coercive behavior while decreasing the acceptance of rape myths.

SISSTER members are advocates on campus, educating their peers about violence against women and how they can be a part of the solution.

Why you should get involved:

      Learn about an issue that affects everyone!
      • Be a part of the solution!
      • Learn about REAL topics that MATTER!
      Become a better public speaker!
      • There are many opportunities to present to peers on the topics covered throughout the semester.
      Develop leadership skills!
      • Build your leadership abilities!
      • Connect with other leaders on campus!
      You can earn 2/3 units of upper division credit.
      • This may not count towards your major -- but it counts towards your GPA and a lot of our students use this as a way to boost their GPA!
      This class is not 3 hours of lecture!
      • Classes are discussion based and we have speakers come in. We learn by talking, activities and having fun, not just sitting through PowerPoints.
      You are not committing to anything more than a class!
      • You decide if you want to continue to a leadership role the next semester.
      The instructors get to know the students and can write Letters of Recommendation...
      • ...and be character references for those students who do well and engage (which is almost everyone!).

How to apply.

Interested in joining SISSTER? For questions, email Madi Anderson or click below to apply.

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