Healthier You

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Alcohol and Other Drugs
Find information and resources about how to deal responsibly with alcohol and other drugs. Learn about Alcohol e-CHECKUP to Go, Marijuana e-CHECKUP to Go, RADD, and more.
Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Exercise
Learn lots of positive ways to get and stay healthy, including ways to dine healthy on campus, exercise resources on campus, and more!
GYN Health - Learn about resources on campus including the GYN Health workshop, birth control education, Women's Resource Center, and more.
Healthy Relationships
Learn about resources on campus to help you develop and maintain healthy relationships.
Insurance Help and Referrals - Learn how to get help with off-campus referrals for medical care, and assistance understanding your health policy.
Mental and Emotional Health - Learn about campus resources that can help you maintain positive mental and emotional health.
Online Health & Wellness Resources - Find links to a variety of helpful online resources about issues related to your health and wellness.
Sexual Health and Family Planning - Learn about resources including one-on-one education, group workshops, and presentations including Family PACT and the GYN women's workshop.
Sexual Violence Prevention Awareness and Resources - Learn about on-campus events that promote sexual violence awareness, what constitutes consent, resources for victims of sexual violence, and more.
Smoking Cessation - Need help to quit smoking? You can get personalized one-on-one counseling and/or pharmacological help. Also learn about SDSU's smoke-free campus policy and how you can help!