Calpulli Center

photo: calpuli building


campus map showing calpulli on hardy aveCalpulli Center located on Hardy Ave., opened in 2006.
In addition to the Well-being & Health Promotion Department (Suite 3201), Calpulli Center houses Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Ability Success Center, and Student Health Services — all available to students as part of basic tuition and fees.

Counseling & Psychological Services

Individual and group counseling, online assessment, workshops, and more. Students have access to massage chairs and an area to relax. Crisis intervention programs help at-risk students succeed. Walk-in, virtual, and telephone counseling appointments are available. Consultation and referral services are available to students, staff, faculty and parents.

Visit the Counseling & Psychological Services website.

Student Disability Services

Located on the third floor of Calpulli Center, Student Disability Services (SDS) is dedicated to empowering students with disabilities by ensuring they have access to appropriate support and services that minimize academic and physical barriers.

To further this mission, SDS is committed to the following:

  • Promoting self-advocacy within students with disabilities.
  • Working collaboratively with SDSU campus community to increase disability awareness.
  • Providing academic support services and assistive technology.

Visit the Student Disability Services.

Student Health Services

full photo of Calpulli buildingStudents receive high-quality health care from certified nurses and doctors at little or no cost. Students have access to a pharmacy, X-ray lab, immunizations, family planning services, orthopedic care, and more.

Visit the Student Health Services website.