SDSU Intercollegiate Athletics Substance Abuse Policy

All student-athletes must sign a letter of consent acknowledging the SDSU ICA Substance Abuse Education and Testing Program policy and procedures.

  • Includes consent to drug testing.

A student-athlete (SA) who consumes alcohol will be held accountable for any alcohol-related incident in which he/she is involved. In such cases, the SA is subject to university, athletic department, or team disciplinary action whether or not there are legal implications.

If there are no legal consequences, the head coach and athletic administrator will determine if counseling intervention and/or suspension from practice/ competition are warranted.

  • First offense of an alcohol-related incident involves suspension from practice and competition until (a) a mandatory intervention is completed, (b) an alcohol specialist provides written release to rejoin the team.
  • Subsequent offenses result in termination from the SDSU athletic program and possible university penalties.

No alcohol may be purchased or consumed by a student-athlete, student trainer, or student manager while "on the road."

  • SA's athletic participation revoked immediately
  • SA either stays with the team (out of uniform) or is sent back to campus
  • Further discipline upon return to campus

Students who are alleged to have violated these policies are referred to the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities for judicial review according to procedures established by The California State University (Chancellor’s Executive Order 970).