SDSU Administrative Policies & Procedures

Responsibilities of Requestors

Individuals or groups sponsoring events where alcohol is served agree to the following:

  • To ensure Aztec Shops employees are present at all functions where beer, wine, distilled spirits are served. To ensure for safety and alcohol control that a minimum or 2 SDSU Catering employees are present when alcohol is served for 50 people or less. For every additional 50 people attending the event an additional Aztec Shops employee will be present. The number of Aztec Shops employees is based on the number of people attending the event and not the number of people drinking alcohol.
  • Security personnel may be required. Any charges will be the responsibility of the requestor.
  • To abide by university, state and local regulations regarding alcohol use and distribution.
  • To ensure that the distribution of alcohol to individuals under 21 years of age will not be permitted.
  • To provide a non-alcoholic beverage alternative.
  • To provide food, e.g. appetizers, to all in attendance at the event.
  • To accept responsibility for any damage incurred during the activity and to provide restitution.
  • Non-university organizations must provide the campus with an insurance policy endorsement providing the minimum current limits of coverage required by the campus and naming the following as additional insured for the identified event:
  • "State of California, the Trustees of the California State University; San Diego State University, Aztec Shops,and each and every officer, agent, employee, volunteer and representative of each."
  • If the organization does not currently maintain a public liability policy, a special event policy may be obtained for the event from the Office of Risk Management.
  • To maintain behavior and activities appropriate to a university setting and to adhere to all policies and procedures established for each facility.
  • To provide personnel, or pay the cost for same, to clean up and restore the facility to its original condition immediately following the close of the event.
  • To provide an Event Plan covering security issues to the Department of Public Safety for events over 50 people.
  • To ensure the event is open only to the membership of the sponsoring organization and its invited guests and that the event is not a regularly scheduled or business meeting.
  • To ensure the event is advertised only to invited guests (and not to the general public or the general university community).
  • To ensure that alcoholic beverages are not removed from the event area.
  • If SDSU Catering agrees to not serve or sell alcohol (waiver only applicable to Calexico and Brawley campuses) a one-day permit must be issued in advance of the event to a licensed requestor or approved caterer by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.